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Title Journal Year
A numerical model for multiple detector energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy in the transmission electron microscope Ultramicroscopy, 164, 51-61. Xu, W., Dycus, J. H., Sang, X., & LeBeau, J. M. 2016
Structure and chemistry of passivated SiC/SiO2 interfaces Applied Physics Letters, 108(20). Dycus, J. H., Xu, W. Z., Lichtenwalner, D. J., Hull, B., Palmour, J. W., & LeBeau, J. M. 2016
Quantitative atomic resolution elemental mapping via absolute-scale energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy Ultramicroscopy, 168, 7-16. Chen, Z., Weyland, M., Sang, X., Xu, W., Dycus, J. H., LeBeau, J. M., D'Alfonso, A. J., Allen, L. J., & Findlay, S. D. 2016
Processing low-oxide ZrB2 ceramics with high strength using boron carbide and spark plasma sintering Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 99(8), 2585-2592. Pham, D., Dycus, J. H., LeBeau, J. M., Manga, V. R., Muralidharan, K., & Corral, E. L. 2016
Comparison of thermoelectric properties of nanostructured Mg2Si, FeSi2, SiGe, and nanocomposites of SiGe-Mg2Si, SiGe-FeSi2 APL Materials, 4(10). Nozariasbmarz, A., Roy, P., Zamanipour, Z., Dycus, J. H., Cabral, M. J., LeBeau, J. M., Krasinski, J. S., & Vashaee, D. 2016
Influence of experimental conditions on atom column visibility in energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy Ultramicroscopy, 171, 1-7. Dycus, J. H., Xu, W., Sang, X., D'Alfonso, A. J., Chen, Z., Weyland, M., Allen, L. J., Findlay, S. D., & LeBeau, J. M. 2016
Accurate nanoscale crystallography in real-space using scanning transmission electron microscopy Microscopy and Microanalysis, 21(4), 946-952. Dycus, J. H., Harris, J. S., Sang, X. H., Fancher, C. M., Findlay, S. D., Oni, A. A., Chan, T. T. E., Koch, C. C., Jones, J. L., Allen, L. J., Irving, D. L., & LeBeau, J. M. 2015
Combined experimental and computational methods reveal the evolution of buried interfaces during synthesis of ferroelectric thin films Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2(10). Jones, J. L., LeBeau, J. M., Nikkel, J., Oni, A. A., Dycus, J. H., Cozzan, C., Lin, F. Y., Chernatynskiy, A., Nino, J. C., Sinnott, S. B., Mhin, S., Brennecka, G. L., & Ihlefeld, J. 2015
Atomic scale structure and chemistry of Bi2Te3/GaAs interfaces grown by metallorganic van der Waals epitaxy Applied Physics Letters, 102(8). Dycus, J. H., White, R. M., Pierce, J. M., Venkatasubramanian, R., & LeBeau, J. M. 2013

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