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Title Journal Year
Adhesion and friction in polymer films on solid substrates: Conformal sites analysis and corresponding surface measurements Soft Matter, 13(19), 3492-3505. An, R., Huang, L. L., Mineart, K. P., Dong, Y. H., Spontak, R. J., & Gubbins, K. E. 2017
Ultrasonic nanocrystal surface modification assisted nitriding: An experimental study Proceedings of the ASME 11th International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference, 2016, vol 2, ). Zhao, J. Y., Ren, Z. C., Liu, Y., Sang, X. H., Hou, X. N., Wang, G. X., Dong, Y. L., & Ye, C. 2016
Vertical organic field-effect transistors for integrated optoelectronic applications ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8(16), 10430-10435. Yu, H., Dong, Z. P., Guo, J., Kim, D., & So, F. 2016
Solution-processed copper oxide interlayers for broadband PbS quantum-dot photodiodes Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 4(47), 11205-11211. Yu, H., Liu, S., Baek, S., Kim, D. Y., Dong, C., & So, F. 2016
Electronically addressable nanomechanical switching of i-motif DNA origami assembled on basal plane HOPG Chemical Communications, 51(74), 14111-14114. Campos, R., Zhang, S., Majikes, J. M., Ferraz, L. C. C., LaBean, T. H., Dong, M. D., & Ferapontova, E. E. 2015
Thickness dependence of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/PbZr0.2Ti0.8O3 magnetoelectric interfaces Applied Physics Letters, 107(14). Zhou, J. L., Tra, V. T., Dong, S., Trappen, R., Marcus, M. A., Jenkins, C., Frye, C., Wolfe, E., White, R., Polisetty, S., Lin, J. Y., LeBeau, J. M., Chu, Y. H., & Holcomb, M. B. 2015
Solid state amorphization of nanocrystalline nickel by cryogenic laser shock peening Journal of Applied Physics, 118(13). Ye, C., Liu, Y., Sang, X. H., Ren, Z. C., Zhao, J. Y., Hou, X. N., & Dong, Y. L. 2015
Ab initio study of the role of entropy in the kinetics of acetylene production in filament-assisted diamond growth environments Journal of Physical Chemistry. A, Molecules, Spectroscopy, Kinetics, Environment & General Theory, 110(1), 132-140. Li, Y. X., Brenner, D. W., Dong, X., & Sun, C. C. 2006
Structure of human DNMT2, an enigmatic DNA methyltransferase homolog that displays denaturant-resistant binding to DNA Nucleic Acids Research, 29, 439-448. Dong, A., Yoder, J. A., Zhang, X., Zhou, L., Bestor, T. H., & Cheng, X. 2001
First principles prediction of gas-phase composition and substrate temperature for diamond film growth Molecular Simulation, 25(1-2), 41-51. Li, Y. X., Brenner, D. W., Dong, X. L., & Sun, C. C. 2000

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