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The publications on this page are generated nightly from the NCSU Library's Scholarly Publications Repository. This repository is by no means a fully comprehensive listing of publications. Publications can be added to the repository manually by visiting the Publications Repository Submission Form.

Title Journal Year
Effect of mechanical depoling on piezoelectric properties of Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3-xBaTiO(3) in the morphotropic phase boundary region Journal of Materials Science, 53(3), 1672-1679. Denis, L. M., Glaum, J., Hoffman, M., Daniels, J. E., Hooper, R. J., Tutuncu, G., Forrester, J. S., & Jones, J. L. 2018
Composition dependence of electric-field-induced structure of Bi-1/2(Na1-xKx)(1/2)TiO3 lead-free piezoelectric ceramics Journal of Applied Physics, 119(23). Khansur, N. H., Benton, R., Dinh, T. H., Lee, J. S., Jones, J. L., & Daniels, J. E. 2016
Polyglycolic acid microneedles modified with inkjet-deposited antifungal coatings Biointerphases, 10(1). Boehm, R. D., Daniels, J., Stafslien, S., Nasir, A., Lefebvre, J., & Narayan, R. J. 2015
Electric-field-induced local and mesoscale structural changes in polycrystalline dielectrics and ferroelectrics Scientific Reports, 5. Usher, T. M., Levin, I., Daniels, J. E., & Jones, J. L. 2015
Inkjet printing for pharmaceutical applications Materials Today, 17(5), 247-252. Boehm, R. D., Miller, P. R., Daniels, J., Stafslien, S., & Narayan, R. J. 2014
Two-step polarization reversal in biased ferroelectrics Journal of Applied Physics, 115(22). Daniels, J. E., Cozzan, C., Ukritnukun, S., Tutuncu, G., Andrieux, J., Glaum, J., Dosch, C., Jo, W., & Jones, J. L. 2014
BiFeO3 ceramics: Processing, electrical, and electromechanical properties Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 97(7), 1993-2011. Rojac, T., Bencan, A., Malic, B., Tutuncu, G., Jones, J. L., Daniels, J. E., & Damjanovic, D. 2014
Measurement and analysis of field-induced crystallographic texture using curved position-sensitive diffraction detectors Journal of Electroceramics, 32(4), 283-291. Simons, H., Daniels, J. E., Studer, A. J., Jones, J. L., & Hoffman, M. 2014
Indirect rapid prototyping of antibacterial acid anhydride copolymer microneedles Biofabrication, 4(1). Boehm, R. D., Miller, P. R., Singh, R., Shah, A., Stafslien, S., Daniels, J., & Narayan, R. J. 2012
Antibacterial activity of zinc oxide-coated nanoporous alumina Materials Science & Engineering. B, Solid-state Materials for Advanced Technology, 177(12), 992-998. Skoog, S. A., Bayati, M. R., Petrochenko, P. E., Stafslien, S., Daniels, J., Cilz, N., Comstock, D. J., Elam, J. W., & Narayan, R. J. 2012
Deposition of antimicrobial coatings on microstereolithography-fabricated microneedles JOM: the Journal of the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, 63(6), 59-68. Gittard, S. D., Miller, P. R., Jin, C. M., Martin, T. N., Boehm, R. D., Chisholm, B. J., Stafslien, S. J., Daniels, J. W., Cilz, N., Monteiro-Riviere, N. A., Nasir, A., & Narayan, R. J. 2011
In situ methods to explore microstructure evolution in chemically derived oxide thin films Journal of Materials Research, 25(3), 427-436. Aygun, S. M., Daniels, P., Borland, W. J., & Maria, J. P. 2010
Property engineering in BaTiO3 films by stoichiometry control Journal of Materials Research, 25(6), 1064-1071. Ihlefeld, J. F., Daniels, P. R., Aygun, S. M., Borland, W. J., & Maria, J. P. 2010
Flexible and lithography-compatible copper foil substrates for ferroelectric thin films Thin Solid Films, 516(10), 3294-3297. Laughlin, B., Ihlefeld, J. F., Daniels, P., & Maria, J. P. 2008
Hot sputtering of barium strontium titanate on nickel foils Journal of Applied Physics, 103(8). Aygun, S. M., Daniels, P., Borland, W., & Maria, J. P. 2008
Smart electrodes for ultralarge-area thin film capacitors Journal of Materials Research, 22(7), 1763-1766. Daniels, P., Ihlefeld, J., Borland, W., & Maria, J. P. 2007

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