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Title Journal Year
Utilizing Forster resonance energy transfer to extend spectral response of PCDTBT:PCBM solar cells Organic Electronics, 42, 87-92. Klump, E., Constantinou, I., Lai, T. H., & So, F. 2017
Comparing non-fullerene acceptors with fullerene in polymer solar cells: a case study with FTAZ and PyNCTAZ Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 5(10), 4886-4893. Bauer, N., Zhang, Q. Q., Zhao, J. B., Ye, L., Kim, J. H., Constantinou, I., Yan, L., So, F., Ade, H., Yan, H., & You, W. 2017
Strong polymer molecular weight-dependent material interactions: Impact on the formation of the polymer/fullerene bulk heterojunction morphology Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 5(25), 13176-13188. Kim, J. H., Gadisa, A., Schaefer, C., Yao, H. F., Gautam, B. R., Balar, N., Ghasemi, M., Constantinou, I., So, F., O'Connor, B. T., Gundogdu, K., Hou, J. H., & Ade, H. 2017
effect of polymer-fullerene interaction on the dielectric properties of the blend Advanced Energy Materials, 7(13). Constantinou, I., Yi, X. P., Shewmon, N. T., Klump, E. D., Peng, C., Garakyaraghi, S., Lo, C. K., Reynolds, J. R., Castellano, F. N., & So, F. 2017
Charge photogeneration in organic photovoltaics: Role of hot versus cold charge-transfer excitons Advanced Energy Materials, 6(1). Gautam, B. R., Younts, R., Li, W. T., Yan, L., Danilov, E., Klump, E., Constantinou, I., So, F., You, W., Ade, H., & Gundogdu, K. 2016
Evidence of molecular structure dependent charge transfer between isoindigo-based polymers and fullerene Chemistry of Materials, 28(7), 2433-2440. Lai, T. H., Constantinou, I., Grand, C. M., Klump, E. D., Baek, S., Hsu, H. Y., Tsang, S. W., Schanze, K. S., Reynolds, J. R., & So, F. 2016
Formation of perovskite heterostructures by ion exchange ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8(48), 33273-33279. Shewmon, N. T., Yu, H., Constantinou, I., Klump, E., & So, F. 2016
Photodegradation of metal oxide interlayers in polymer solar cells Advanced Materials Interfaces, 3(23). Constantinou, I., Shewmon, N. T., Lo, C. K., Deininger, J. J., Reynolds, J. R., & So, F. 2016
Effect of polymer side chains on charge generation and disorder in PBDTTPD solar cells ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 7(48), 26999-27005. Constantinou, I., Lai, T. H., Klump, E. D., Goswami, S., Schanze, K. S., & So, F. 2015

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