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Title Journal Year
Electrochemically tunable thermal conductivity of lithium cobalt oxide Nature Communications, 5. Cho, J., Losego, M. D., Zhang, H. G., Kim, H., Zuo, J. M., Petrov, I., Cahill, D. G., & Braun, P. V. 2014
Characterization on bandedge electronic structure of MgO added Bi1.5Zn1.0Nb1.5O7 gate dielectrics for ZnO-thin film transistors Electrochemical and Solid State Letters, 14(1), G4-G7. Cho, N. G., Seo, H., Kim, D. H., Kim, H. G., Kim, J., & Kim, I. D. 2011
Permanent optical doping of amorphous metal oxide semiconductors by deep ultraviolet irradiation at room temperature Applied Physics Letters, 96(22). Seo, H., Cho, Y. J., Kim, J., Bobade, S. M., Park, K. Y., Lee, J., & Choi, D. K. 2010
Instability of incorporated nitrogen in HfO2 films grown on strained Si0.7Ge0.3 layers Applied Physics Letters, 94(4). Chung, K. B., Lucovsky, G., Lee, W. J., Cho, M. H., & Jeon, H. 2009
Ion beam pretreatment of polymeric substrates for ITO thin film deposition Solid State Sciences, 10(7), 941-949. Cho, J. S., Han, Y., & Cuomo, J. J. 2008
Aluminum nitride thin films on an LTCC substrate Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 88(7), 1977-1980. Lee, J. W., Cuomo, J. J., Cho, Y. S., & Keusseyan, R. L. 2005
Evolution of deep-level centers in p-type silicon following ion implantation at 85 K Applied Physics Letters, 74(9), 1263-1265. Cho, C. R., Yarykin, N., Brown, R. A., Kononchuk, O., Rozgonyi, G. A., & Zuhr, R. A. 1999
The impact of in situ photoexcitation on the formation of vacancy-type complexes in silicon implanted at 85 and 295 K Applied Physics Letters, 75(2), 241-243. Yarykin, N., Cho, C. R., Rozgonyi, G. A., & Zuhr, R. A. 1999
In-situ photoexcitation-induced perturbations of defect complex concentration and distribution in silicon implanted with light and heavy ions Diffusion and Defect Data. [Pt. B], Solid State Phenomena, 70(1999), 397-402. Yarykin, N., Cho, C. R., Zuhr, R. A., & Rozgonyi, G. A. 1999
In-situ studies of point-defect complexes in silicon implanted with heavy MeV ions Physica. B, Condensed Matter, 274(1999 Dec.), 485-488. Yarykin, N., Cho, C. R., Zuhr, R., & Rozgonyi, G. 1999
Stimulated emission in GaN thin films in the temperature range of 300-700 K Journal of Applied Physics, 85(3), 1792-1795. Bidnyk, S., Little, B. D., Schmidt, T. J., Cho, Y. H., Krasinski, J., Song, J. J., Goldenberg, B., Yang, W., Perry, W. G., Bremser, M. D., & Davis, R. F. 1999
A positron annihilation study of the evolution of amorphization in Nb3Sn by mechanical milling Journal of Non-crystalline Solids, 234(1998 July), 594-599. Nasu, T., Cho, Y. S., Naslund, R. A., Jones, P. L., & Greer, A. L. 1998

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