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Title Journal Year
Scanning electron microscopy cathodoluminescence studies of piezoelectric fields in an InGaN/GaN quantum-well light-emitting diode Applied Physics Letters, 86(8). Bunker, K. L., Garcia, R., & Russell, P. E. 2005
High efficiency GaN-based LEDs and lasers on SiC Journal of Crystal Growth, 272(04-Jan), 242-250. Edmond, J., Abare, A., Bergman, M., Bharathan, J., Bunker, K. L., Emerson, D., Haberern, K., Ibbetson, J., Leung, M., Russell, P., & Slater, D. 2004
Electrical characterization of InGaN quantum well p-n heterostructures Microelectronics Journal, 34(5-8), 455-457. Gonzalez, J. C., Da Silva, M. I. N., Bunker, K. L., Batchelor, A. D., & Russell, P. E. 2003
Minority-carrier diffusion length in a GaN-based light-emitting diode Applied Physics Letters, 79(10), 1567-1569. Gonzalez, J. C., Bunker, K. L., & Russell, P. E. 2001

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