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Title Journal Year
Mechanism of nanostructure formation in ball-milled Cu and Cu-3wt% Zn studied by X-ray diffraction line profile analysis Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 588, 138-143. Khoshkhoo, M. S., Scudino, S., Bednarcik, J., Kauffmann, A., Bahmanpour, H., Freudenberger, J., Scattergood, R., Zehetbauer, M. J., Koch, C. C., & Eckert, J. 2014
The thermal stability of nanocrystalline cartridge brass and the effect of zirconium additions Journal of Materials Science, 48(1), 220-226. Atwater, M. A., Bahmanpour, H., Scattergood, R. O., & Koch, C. C. 2013
Nature and density of lattice defects in ball milled nanostructured copper Mechanics of Materials, 67, 59-64. Setman, D., Kerber, M., Bahmanpour, H., Horky, J., Scattergood, R. O., Koch, C. C., & Zehetbauer, M. J. 2013
Self-assembly techniques for nanofabrication Journal of Nanomaterials, . Kajbafvala, A., Bahmanpour, H., Maneshian, M. H., & Li, M. H. 2013
Deformation twins and related softening behavior in nanocrystalline Cu-30% Zn alloy Acta Materialia, 60(8), 3340-3349. Bahmanpour, H., Youssef, K. M., Horky, J., Setman, D., Atwater, M. A., Zehetbauer, M. J., Scattergood, R. O., & Koch, C. C. 2012
Mechanical behavior of bulk nanocrystalline copper alloys produced by high energy ball milling Journal of Materials Science, 46(19), 6316-6322. Bahmanpour, H., Youssef, K. M., Scattergood, R. O., & Koch, C. C. 2011
Effect of stacking fault energy on mechanical behavior of bulk nanocrystalline Cu and Cu alloys Acta Materialia, 59(14), 5758-5764. Youssef, K., Sakaliyska, M., Bahmanpour, H., Scattergood, R., & Koch, C. 2011
Effect of stacking fault energy on deformation behavior of cryo-rolled copper and copper alloys Materials Science & Engineering. A, Structural Materials: Properties, Microstructure and Processing, 529, 230-236. Bahmanpour, H., Kauffmann, A., Khoshkhoo, M. S., Youssef, K. M., Mula, S., Freudenberger, J., Eckert, J., Scattergood, R. O., & Koch, C. C. 2011

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