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Title Journal Year
SIMS analysis of zinc oxide LED structures: quantification and analysis issues Surface and Interface Analysis, 45(1), 352-355. Stevie, F. A., Maheshwari, P., Pierce, J. M., Adekore, B. T., & Griffis, D. P. 2013
Synthesis of erbium-doped gallium nitride crystals by the ammonothermal route Journal of Crystal Growth, 308(1), 71-79. Adekore, B. T., Callahan, M. J., Bouthillette, L., Dalmau, R., & Sitar, Z. 2007
Electrical and optical properties of ZnO (000(1)over-bar) wafers implanted with argon Journal of Applied Physics, 101(2). Adekore, B. T., Davis, R. F., & Barlage, D. W. 2007
Nitrogen acceptors in bulk ZnO (000(1)over-bar)) substrates and homoepitaxial ZnO films Journal of Applied Physics, 102(2). Adekore, B. T., Pierce, J. M., Davisb, R. F., Barlage, D. W., & Muth, J. F. 2007
Ammonothermal synthesis of aluminum nitride crystals on group III-nitride templates Journal of Electronic Materials, 35(5), 1104-1111. Adekore, B. T., Rakes, K., Wang, B., Callahan, M. J., Pendurti, S., & Sitar, Z. 2006
Growth of dense ZnO films via MOVPE on GaN(0001) epilayers using a low/high-temperature sequence Journal of Crystal Growth, 277(38356), 345-351. Pierce, J. M., Adekore, B. T., Davis, R. F., & Stevie, F. A. 2005
Homoepitaxial growth of dense ZnO(0001) and ZnO (1120) films via MOVPE on selected ZnO substrates Journal of Crystal Growth, 283(02-Jan), 147-155. Pierce, J. M., Adekore, B. T., Davis, R. F., & Stevie, F. A. 2005

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