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Title Journal Year
Skin tissue engineering for the infected wound site: Biodegradable PLA nanofibers and a novel approach for silver ion release evaluated in a 3D coculture system of keratinocytes and Staphylococcus aureus Tissue Engineering. Part C, Methods, 20(10), 790-797. Mohiti-Asli, M., Pourdeyhimi, B., & Loboa, E. G. 2014
Age-related effects on the potency of human adipose-derived stem cells: Creation and evaluation of superlots and implications for musculoskeletal tissue engineering applications Tissue Engineering. Part C, Methods, 20(12), 972-983. Bodle, J. C., Teeter, S. D., Hluck, B. H., Hardin, J. W., Bernacki, S. H., & Loboa, E. G. 2014
In situ collagen polymerization of layered cell-seeded electrospun scaffolds for bone tissue engineering applications Tissue Engineering. Part C, Methods, 16(5), 1095-1105. McCullen, S. D., Miller, P. R., Gittard, S. D., Gorga, R. E., Pourdeyhimi, B., Narayan, R. J., & Loboa, E. G. 2010
Application of low-frequency alternating current electric fields via interdigitated electrodes: Effects on cellular viability, cytoplasmic calcium, and osteogenic differentiation of human adipose-derived stem cells Tissue Engineering. Part C, Methods, 16(6), 1377-1386. McCullen, S. D., McQuilling, J. P., Grossfeld, R. M., Lubischer, J. L., Clarke, L. I., & Loboa, E. G. 2010

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