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Title Journal Year
Spectroscopic ellipsometry - Past, present, and future Thin Solid Films, 571, 334-344. Aspnes, D. E. 2014
Combined direct- and reciprocal-space approach for converting spectra to energy scales with negligible loss of information Thin Solid Films, 571, 506-508. Aspnes, D. E., & Choi, S. G. 2014
The role of terminal oxide structure and properties in nanothermite reactions Thin Solid Films, 562, 405-410. Mily, E. J., Oni, A., LeBeau, J. M., Liu, Y., Brown-Shaklee, H. J., Ihlefeld, J. F., & Maria, J. P. 2014
Analytic representation of the dielectric functions of InAsxSb1-x alloys in the parametric model Thin Solid Films, 547, 276-279. Hwang, S. Y., Kim, T. J., Byun, J. S., Barange, N. S., Diware, M. S., Kim, Y. D., Aspnes, D. E., Yoon, J. J., & Song, J. D. 2013
Plasmonics and effective-medium theories Thin Solid Films, 519 9) (pp. 2571-2574). Aspnes, D. E. 2011
Effects of adhesion layers on the ferroelectric properties of lead zirconium titanate thin films deposited on silicon nitride coated silicon substrates Thin Solid Films, 516(18), 6052-6057. Zohni, O., Buckner, G., Kim, T., Kingon, A., Maranchi, J., & Siergiej, R. 2008
Bulk defects in nano-crystalline and in non-crystalline HfO2-based thin film dielectrics Thin Solid Films, 517(1), 437-440. Lee, S., Seo, H., Lucovsky, G., Fleming, L. B., Ulrich, M. D., & Luning, J. 2008
Chemical bonding and graded interfacial transition regions at transition metal, Hf(Zr),/high-k gate dielectric, Hf(Zr)O-2, interfaces Thin Solid Films, 517(1), 343-345. Lucovsky, G., & Whitten, J. L. 2008
Suppression of Ge-O and Ge-N bonding at Ge-HfO2 and Ge-TiO2 interfaces by deposition onto plasma-nitrided passivated Ge substrates Thin Solid Films, 517(1), 155-158. Lee, S., Long, J. P., Lucovsky, G., & Luning, J. 2008
Titanium Interlayer Mediated Epitaxy of CoSi2 on Si1-xGex Thin Solid Films, 516(8), 1809-1817. Burnette, J. E., Kiesel, S., Sayers, D. E., & Nemanich, R. J. 2008
Low temperature metal oxide film deposition and reaction kinetics in supercritical carbon dioxide Thin Solid Films, 516(15), 4997-5003. Peng, Q., Hojo, D., Park, K. J., & Parsons, G. N. 2008
Flexible and lithography-compatible copper foil substrates for ferroelectric thin films Thin Solid Films, 516(10), 3294-3297. Laughlin, B., Ihlefeld, J. F., Daniels, P., & Maria, J. P. 2008
Dielectric and microstructural properties of barium titanate hafhate thin films Thin Solid Films, 516(10), 3162-3166. Ihlefeld, J. F., Borland, W. J., & Maria, J. P. 2008
Lead zirconate titanate thin film capacitors on electroless nickel coated copper foils for embedded passive applications Thin Solid Films, 515(18), 7331-7336. Kim, T., Kingon, A. I., Maria, J. P., & Croswell, R. T. 2007
Chemical self-organization length scales in non- and nano-crystalline thin films Solid-state Electronics, 51(10), 1308-1318. Lucovsky, G., & Phillips, J. C. 2007
Growth and structural investigations of epitaxial hexagonal YMnO3 thin films deposited on wurtzite GaN(001) substrates Thin Solid Films, 515(4), 1807-1813. Balasubramanian, K. R., Chang, K. C., Mohammad, F. A., Porter, L. M., Salvador, P. A., DiMaio, J., & Davis, R. F. 2006
Tunable high-quality-factor interdigitated (Ba, Sr)TiO3 capacitors fabricated on low-cost substrates with copper metallization Thin Solid Films, 496(2), 669-673. Ghosh, D., Laughlin, B., Nath, J., Kingon, A. I., Steer, M. B., & Maria, J. P. 2006
Charge generation during oxidation of thin Hf metal films on silicon Thin Solid Films, 513(1-2), 201-205. Gougousi, T., Terry, D. B., & Parsons, G. N. 2006
Microstructural study of titanium-palladium-nickel base thin film shape memory alloys Thin Solid Films, 500(1-2), 309-315. Lee, J. W., Thomas, B., & Rabiei, A. 2006
Conduction band-edge d-states in high-k dielectrics due to Jahn-Teller term splittings Thin Solid Films, 486(02-Jan), 129-135. Lucovsky, G., Fulton, C. C., Zhang, Y., Luning, J., Edge, L., Whitten, J. L., Nemanich, R. J., Schlom, D. G., & Afanase'v, V. V. 2005
Defects and defect relaxation at internal interfaces between high-k transition metal and rare earth dielectrics and interfacial native oxides in metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) structures Thin Solid Films, 486(02-Jan), 200-204. Lucovsky, G., & Phillips, J. C. 2005
Epitaxial growth of zinc oxide thin films on silicon Materials Science & Engineering. B, Solid-state Materials for Advanced Technology, 117(3), 348-354. Jin, C. M., Narayan, R., Tiwari, A., Zhou, H. H., Kvit, A., & Narayan, J. 2005
Expanding horizons: new developments in ellipsometry and polarimetry Thin Solid Films, 455-56(2004 May 1), 13-Mar. Aspnes, D. E. 2004
Comparison of the capabilities of rotating-analyzer and rotating-compensator ellipsometers by measurements on a single system Thin Solid Films, 455-56(2004 May 1), 33-38. Mori, T., & Aspnes, D. E. 2004
Optical anisotropy relevant to rotating-compensator polarimeters: application to the monoplate retarder Thin Solid Films, 455-56(2004 May 1), 50-53. Asar, M., & Aspnes, D. E. 2004

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