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Title Journal Year
Step-controlled strain relaxation in the vicinal surface epitaxy of nitrides Physical Review Letters, 95(8). Huang, X. R., Bai, J., Dudley, M., Wagner, B., Davis, R. F., & Zhu, Y. 2005
Attractive migration and coalescence: A significant process in the coarsening of TiSi2 islands on the Si(111) surface Physical Review Letters, 90(13), 136102-1. Yang, W. C., Zeman, M., Ade, H., & Nemanich, R. J. 2003
Monolayer nitrogen atom incorporation at buried Si SiO2 interfaces: preparation by remote plasma oxidation/nitridation and characterization by on line auger electron spectroscopy Surface Review and Letters, 5(1), 167-173. Lucovsky, G., Niimi, H., Koh, K., & Green, M. L. 1998
A free electron laser-photoemission electron microscope system (FEL-PEEM) Surface Review and Letters, 5(6), 1257-1268. Ade, H., Yang, W., English, S. L., Hartman, J., Davis, R. F., Nemanich, R. J., Litvinenko, V. N., Pinayev, I. V., Wu, Y., & Madey, J. M. J. 1998
Local dipole field contributions to bond stretching silicon hydrogen vibrational modes on flat and vicinal Si(111) surfaces Surface Review and Letters, 4(5), 891-896. Yang, H. Y., & Lucovsky, G. 1997

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