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Title Journal Year
Self heating in Si0.5Ge0.5/Si and GaAs/Si thin film device structures Solid-state Electronics, 99, 41-44. Zheng, H., & Jagannadham, K. 2014
Band-edge electronic structures, and pre-existing defects in remote plasma deposited (RPD) non-crystalline (nc-) SiO2 and GeO2 Solid-state Electronics, 83, 30-36. Lucovsky, G. 2013
An analytical model of source injection for N-type enhancement mode GaN-based Schottky Source/Drain MOSFET's with experimental demonstration Solid-state Electronics, 54(12), 1680-1685. Park, J., Ozbek, A. M., Ma, L., Veety, M. T., Morgensen, M. P., Barlage, D. W., Wheeler, V. D., & Johnson, M. A. L. 2010
Comparisons between intrinsic bonding defects in d(0) transition metal oxide such as HfO2, and impurity atom defects in d(0) complex oxides such as GdScO3 Solid-state Electronics, 53 12) (pp. 1273-1279). Lucovsky, G., Chung, K. B., Miotti, L., Bastos, K. P., Amado, C., & Schlom, D. 2009
Chemical self-organization length scales in non- and nano-crystalline thin films Solid-state Electronics, 51(10), 1308-1318. Lucovsky, G., & Phillips, J. C. 2007
Structural dependence of breakdown characteristics and electrical degradation in ultrathin RPECVD oxide/nitride gate dielectrics under constant voltage stress Solid-state Electronics, 47(1), 71-76. Lee, Y. M., Wu, Y. D., Bae, C., Hong, J. G., & Lucovsky, G. 2003
The influence of band offsets on the IV characteristics for GaN/SiC heterojunctions Solid-state Electronics, 46(6), 827-835. Danielsson, E., Zetterling, C. M., Ostling, M., Linthicum, K., Thomson, D. B., Nam, O. H., & Davis, R. F. 2002
Electron trapping in non-crystalline Ta- and Hf-aluminates for gate dielectric applications in aggressively scaled silicon devices Solid-state Electronics, 46(11), 1799-1805. Johnson, R. S., Hong, J. G., Hinkle, C., & Lucovsky, G. 2002
A molecular orbital model for the electronic structure of transition metal atoms in silicate and aluminate alloys Solid-state Electronics, 46(11), 1687-1697. Lucovsky, G., Whitten, J. L., & Zhang, Y. 2002
Band gap structure and electron emission property of chemical-vapor-deposited diamond films Solid-state Electronics, 45(6), 915-919. Liu, J. J., Chiu, D. Y. T., Morton, D. C., Kang, D. H., Zhirnov, V. V., Hren, J. J., & Cuomo, J. J. 2001
Crystallinity and microstructures of aluminum nitride films deposited on Si(111) substrates Solid-state Electronics, 44(4), 747-755. Liaw, H. M., Doyle, R., Fejes, P. L., Zollner, S., Konkar, A., Linthicum, K. J., Gehrke, T., & Davis, R. F. 2000
Growth of AlN and GaN thin films via OMVPE and gas source MBE and their characterization Solid-state Electronics, 41(2), 129-134. Davis, R. F. 1997
Hydrogen incorporation and its temperature stability in sic crystals Solid-state Electronics, 41(5), 677-679. Zavada, J. M., Wilson, R. G., Ren, F., Pearton, S. J., & Davis, R. F. 1997
MBE Growth and properties of GaN on GaN/SiC substrates Solid-state Electronics, 41(2), 213-218. Johnson, M. A. L., Fujita, Shizuo, Rowland, W. H., Jr., Bowers, K. A., Hughes, William C., He, Y. W., El-Masry, N. A., Cook, James W, Jr., Schetzina, Jan F., Ren, J., & Edmond, J. A. 1997

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