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Title Journal Year
Adhesion and friction in polymer films on solid substrates: Conformal sites analysis and corresponding surface measurements Soft Matter, 13(19), 3492-3505. An, R., Huang, L. L., Mineart, K. P., Dong, Y. H., Spontak, R. J., & Gubbins, K. E. 2017
Dual modes of self-assembly in superstrongly segregated bicomponent triblock copolymer melts Physical Review. E, Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, 91(1). Woloszczuk, S., Mineart, K. P., Spontak, R. J., & Banaszak, M. 2015
Prediction of solvent-induced morphological changes of polyelectrolyte diblock copolymer micelles Soft Matter, 11(42), 8236-8245. Li, N. K., Fuss, W. H., Tang, L., Gu, R. P., Chilkoti, A., Zauscher, S., & Yingling, Y. G. 2015
Surface wrinkling by chemical modification of poly(dimethylsiloxane)-based networks during sputtering Soft Matter, 9(32), 7797-7803. Casper, M. D., Gozen, A. O., Dickey, M. D., Genzer, J., & Maria, J. P. 2013
Ultrastretchable, cyclable and recyclable 1- and 2-dimensional conductors based on physically cross-linked thermoplastic elastomer gels Soft Matter, 9(32), 7695-7700. Mineart, K. P., Lin, Y. L., Desai, S. C., Krishnan, A. S., Spontak, R. J., & Dickey, M. D. 2013
Correlating fullerene diffusion with the polythiophene morphology: Molecular dynamics simulations Soft Matter, 9(42), 10048-10055. Pani, R. C., Bond, B. D., Krishnan, G., & Yingling, Y. G. 2013
Origin of multiplexing capabilities of multifrequency magnetic ratchets Physical Review. E, Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, 85(4). Ouyang, Y. Y., Tahir, M. A., Lichtenwalner, D. J., & Yellen, B. B. 2012
Factors affecting time-composition equivalence in ternary block copolymer/cosolvent systems Soft Matter, 8(5), 1334-1343. Krishnan, A. S., & Spontak, R. J. 2012
Imaging three-dimensional rotational diffusion of plasmon resonant gold nanorods using polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography Physical Review. E, Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, 83(4). Chhetri, R. K., Kozek, K. A., Johnston-Peck, A. C., Tracy, J. B., & Oldenburg, A. L. 2011
Exceptional versatility of solvated block copolymer/ionomer networks as electroactive polymers Soft Matter, 7(5), 1651-1655. Vargantwar, P. H., Shankar, R., Krishnan, A. S., Ghosh, T. K., & Spontak, R. J. 2011
Block copolymer self-organization vs. interfacial modification in bilayered thin-film laminates Soft Matter, 7(7), 3268-3272. Gozen, A. O., Zhou, J. J., Roskov, K. E., Shi, A. C., Genzer, J., & Spontak, R. J. 2011
Cosolvent-regulated time-composition rheological equivalence in block copolymer solutions Soft Matter, 6(18), 4331-4334. Krishnan, A. S., Seifert, S., Lee, B., Khan, S. A., & Spontak, R. J. 2010
Competitive hydrogen-bonding in polymer solutions with mixed solvents Soft Matter, 5(2), 304-307. Shankar, R., Klossner, R. R., Weaver, J. T., Koga, T., van Zanten, J. H., Krause, W. E., Colina, C. M., Tanaka, F., & Spontak, R. J. 2009
Nanoparticle-regulated phase behavior of ordered block copolymers Soft Matter, 4(8), 1609-1612. Gaines, M. K., Smith, S. D., Samseth, J., Bockstaller, M. R., Thompson, R. B., Rasmussen, K. O., & Spontak, R. J. 2008
Dielectric elastomers as next-generation polymeric actuators Soft Matter, 3(9), 1116-1129. Shankar, R., Ghosh, T. K., & Spontak, R. J. 2007

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