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Title Journal Year
Tuning the performance of aqueous photovoltaic elastomer gels by solvent polarity and nanostructure development Journal of Polymer Science. Part B, Polymer Physics, 55(1), 85-95. Al-Mohsin, H. A., Mineart, K. P., Armstrong, D. P., & Spontak, R. J. 2017
Molecular and morphological characterization of midblock-sulfonated styrenic triblock copolymers Journal of Polymer Science. Part B, Polymer Physics, 55(6), 490-497. Mineart, K. P., Ryan, J. J., Lee, B., Smith, S. D., & Spontak, R. J. 2017
Adhesion and friction in polymer films on solid substrates: Conformal sites analysis and corresponding surface measurements Soft Matter, 13(19), 3492-3505. An, R., Huang, L. L., Mineart, K. P., Dong, Y. H., Spontak, R. J., & Gubbins, K. E. 2017
Inherently pre-strained elastomers with self-healing property: New generation of freestanding electroactuators (conference presentation) Proceedings of SPIE-the International Society for Optical Engineering, 10163). Vatankhah-Varnosfaderani, M., Sheyko, S. S., Matyjaszewski, K., Daniel, W. F. M., Li, Q. X., Morgan, B. J., & Spontak, R. J. 2017
Bottlebrush elastomers: A promising molecular engineering route to tunable, prestrain-free dielectric elastomers (conference presentation) Proceedings of SPIE-the International Society for Optical Engineering, 10163). Vatankhah-Varnosfaderani, M., Daniel, W. F. M., Zhushma, A. P., Li, Q. X., Morgan, B. J., Matyjaszewski, K., Armstrong, D. P., Dobrynin, A. V., Sheyko, S. S., & Spontak, R. J. 2017
UiO-66-NH2 metal organic framework (MOF) nucleation on TiO2, ZnO, and Al2O3 atomic Layer deposition-treated polymer fibers: Role of metal oxide on MOF growth and catalytic hydrolysis of chemical warfare agent simulants ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9(51), 44847-44855. Lee, D. T., Zhao, J. J., Oldham, C. J., Peterson, G. W., & Parsons, G. N. 2017
Intrinsic gain and gain degradation modulated by excitation pulse width in a semiconducting conjugated polymer Optics and Laser Technology, 94, 77-85. Lampert, Z. E., Papanikolas, J. M., Lappi, S. E., & Reynolds, C. L. 2017
2precise coating of a wide range of DNA templates by a protein polymer with a DNA binding domain ACS Nano, 11(1), 144-152. Hernandez-Garcia, A., Estrich, N. A., Werten, M. W. T., Van Der Maarel, J. R. C., LaBean, T. H., de Wolf, F. A., Stuart, M. A. C., & de Vries, R. 2017
Comparing non-fullerene acceptors with fullerene in polymer solar cells: a case study with FTAZ and PyNCTAZ Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 5(10), 4886-4893. Bauer, N., Zhang, Q. Q., Zhao, J. B., Ye, L., Kim, J. H., Constantinou, I., Yan, L., So, F., Ade, H., Yan, H., & You, W. 2017
Strong polymer molecular weight-dependent material interactions: Impact on the formation of the polymer/fullerene bulk heterojunction morphology Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 5(25), 13176-13188. Kim, J. H., Gadisa, A., Schaefer, C., Yao, H. F., Gautam, B. R., Balar, N., Ghasemi, M., Constantinou, I., So, F., O'Connor, B. T., Gundogdu, K., Hou, J. H., & Ade, H. 2017
effect of polymer-fullerene interaction on the dielectric properties of the blend Advanced Energy Materials, 7(13). Constantinou, I., Yi, X. P., Shewmon, N. T., Klump, E. D., Peng, C., Garakyaraghi, S., Lo, C. K., Reynolds, J. R., Castellano, F. N., & So, F. 2017
Preparation, single-molecule manipulation, and energy transfer investigation of a polyfluorene-graft-DNA polymer Chemistry (Weinheim An Der Bergstrasse, Germany), 23(44), 10511-10515. Madsen, M., Christensen, R. S., Krissanaprasit, A., Bakke, M. R., Riber, C. F., Nielsen, K. S., Zelikin, A. N., & Gothelf, K. V. 2017
Multipurpose polymeric coating for functionalizing inert polymer surfaces ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8(8), 5694-5705. Ozcam, A. E., Efimenko, K., Spontak, R. J., Fischer, D. A., & Genzer, J. 2016
Olefinic thermoplastic elastomer gels: Combining polymer crystallization and microphase separation in a selective solvent ACS Macro Letters, 5(11), 1273-1277. Armstrong, D. P., Mineart, K. P., Lee, B., & Spontak, R. J. 2016
Physical microfabrication of shape-memory polymer systems via bicomponent fiber spinning Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 37(22), 1837-1843. Tallury, S. S., Pourdeyhimi, B., Pasquinelli, M. A., & Spontak, R. J. 2016
Atomic layer deposition on polymer fibers and fabrics for multifunctional and electronic textiles Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology. A, Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films, 34(1). Brozena, A. H., Oldham, C. J., & Parsons, G. N. 2016
Strengthening and toughening effects by strapping carbon nanotube cross-links with polymer molecules Composites Science and Technology, 135, 123-127. Zou, J. Y., Zhang, X. H., Zhao, J. N., Lei, C. S., Zhao, Y. H., Zhu, Y. T., & Li, Q. W. 2016
Photodegradation of metal oxide interlayers in polymer solar cells Advanced Materials Interfaces, 3(23). Constantinou, I., Shewmon, N. T., Lo, C. K., Deininger, J. J., Reynolds, J. R., & So, F. 2016
Melt extrusion of polyethylene nanocomposites reinforced with nanofibrillated cellulose from cotton and wood sources Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 132(17). Farahbakhsh, N., Roodposhti, P. S., Ayoub, A., Venditti, R. A., & Jur, J. S. 2015
Organometallic exposure dependence on organic-inorganic hybrid material formation in polyethylene terephthalate and polyamide 6 polymer fibers Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology. A, Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films, 33(2). Akyildiz, H. I., & Jur, J. S. 2015
High performance carbon nanotube - polymer nanofiber hybrid fabrics Nanoscale, 7(40), 16744-16754. Yildiz, O., Stano, K., Faraji, S., Stone, C., Willis, C., Zhang, X. W., Jur, J. S., & Bradford, P. D. 2015
Visualization of film-forming polymer particles with a liquid cell technique in a transmission electron microscope Analyst [London], 140(18), 6330-6334. Liu, L. L., Liu, Y., Wu, W. J., Miller, C. M., & Dickey, E. C. 2015
Effect of polymer side chains on charge generation and disorder in PBDTTPD solar cells ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 7(48), 26999-27005. Constantinou, I., Lai, T. H., Klump, E. D., Goswami, S., Schanze, K. S., & So, F. 2015
Comparison of precursor infiltration into polymer thin films via atomic layer deposition and sequential vapor infiltration using in-situ quartz crystal microgravimetry Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology. A, Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films, 32(4). Padbury, R. P., & Jur, J. S. 2014
Effect of polymer microstructure on the nucleation behavior of alumina via atomic layer deposition Journal of Physical Chemistry. C, 118(32), 18805-18813. Padbury, R. P., & Jur, J. S. 2014

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