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Title Journal Year
Few-layered metallic 1T-MoS2/TiO2 with exposed (001) facets: two-dimensional nanocomposites for enhanced photocatalytic activities Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19(41), 28207-28215. Han, H., Kim, K. M., Lee, C. W., Lee, C. S., Pawar, R. C., Jones, J. L., Hong, Y. R., Ryu, J. H., Song, T., Kang, S. H., Choi, H., & Mhin, S. 2017
The effect of imidazolium cations on the structure and activity of the Candida antarctica Lipase B enzyme in ionic liquids Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 18(32), 22062-22069. Kim, H. S., Eom, D., Koo, Y. M., & Yingling, Y. G. 2016
Stabilizing chromophore binding on TiO2 for long-term stability of dye-sensitized solar cells using multicomponent atomic layer deposition Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 16(18), 8615-8622. Kim, D. H., Losego, M. D., Hanson, K., Alibabaei, L., Lee, K., Meyer, T. J., & Parsons, G. N. 2014
The relationship between enhanced enzyme activity and structural dynamics in ionic liquids: a combined computational and experimental study Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 16(7), 2944-2953. Kim, H. S., Ha, S. H., Sethaphong, L., Koo, Y. M., & Yingling, Y. G. 2014
The interface bonding and orientation of a quinonoid zwitterion Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 12(35), 10329-10340. Xiao, J., Zhang, Z., Wu, D., Routaboul, L., Braunstein, P., Doudin, B., Losovyj, Y. B., Kizilkaya, O., Rosa, L. G., Borca, C. N., Gruverman, A., & Dowben, P. A. 2010

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