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Title Journal Year
A model for < c plus a & rang; dislocation transmission across nano-spaced parallel basal stacking faults in a HCP alloy Philosophical Magazine Letters, 95(1), 58-66. Gu, P., Zhu, Y. T., & Mathaudhu, S. N. 2015
Twinning in cryomilled nanocrystalline Mg powder Philosophical Magazine Letters, 93(8), 457-464. Zheng, B. L., Li, Y., Xu, W. Z., Zhou, Y. Z., Mathaudhu, S. N., Zhu, Y. T., & Lavernia, E. J. 2013
Effects of debye-waller factors and compositional uncertainties on the 200 structure factor refinement in gamma tial Philosophical Magazine Letters, 75(5), 261-270. Swaminathan, S., Jones, I. P., Maher, D. M., Johnson, A. W. S., & Fraser, H. L. 1997

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