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Title Journal Year
Enhanced radiative recombination and suppressed Auger process in semipolar and nonpolar InGaN/GaN quantum wells grown over GaN nanowires Optics Letters, 39(6), 1501-1504. You, G. J., Liu, J., Jiang, Z. Y., Wang, L., El-Masry, N. A., Hosalli, A. M., Bedair, S. M., & Xu, J. 2014
Motility-, autocorrelation-, and polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography discriminates cells and gold nanorods within 3D tissue cultures Optics Letters, 38(15), 2923-2926. Oldenburg, A. L., Chhetri, R. K., Cooper, J. M., Wu, W. C., Troester, M. A., & Tracy, J. B. 2013
Nondestructive analysis of coated periodic nanostructures from optical data Optics Letters, 35(5), 733-735. Ghong, T. H., Han, S. H., Chung, J. M., Byun, J. S., Kim, T. J., Aspnes, D. E., Kim, Y. D., Park, I. H., & Kim, Y. W. 2010
Free-standing lithium niobate microring resonators for hybrid integrated optics IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 22(4), 251-253. Koechlin, M., Sulser, F., Sitar, Z., Poberaj, G., & Gunter, P. 2010
Plasmonic phenomena in indium tin oxide and ITO-Au hybrid films Optics Letters, 34(18), 2867-2869. Franzen, S., Rhodes, C., Cerruti, M., Gerber, R. W., Losego, M., Maria, J. P.,& Aspnes, D. E. 2009

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