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Title Journal Year
Optical characterization of Al- and N-polar AlN waveguides for integrated optics Applied Physics Express, 8(4). Rigler, M., Buh, J., Hoffmann, M. P., Kirste, R., Bobea, M., Mita, S., Gerhold, M. D., Collazo, R., Sitar, Z., & Zgonik, M. 2015
Deterministic phase engineering for optical Fano resonances with arbitrary lineshape and frequencies Optics Express, 23(15), 19154-19165. Lin, J., Huang, L. J., Yu, Y. L., He, S. L., & Cao, L. Y. 2015
The phase shift of light scattering at sub-wavelength dielectric structures Optics Express, 21(5), 5957-5967. Yu, Y. L., & Cao, L. Y. 2013

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