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Title Journal Year
Dysprosium-doped cadmium oxide as a gateway material for mid-infrared plasmonics Nature Materials, 14(4), 414-420. Sachet, E., Shelton, C. T., Harris, J. S., Gaddy, B. E., Irving, D. L., Curtarolo, S., Donovan, B. F., Hopkins, P. E., Sharma, P. A., Sharma, A. L., Ihlefeld, J., Franzen, S., & Maria, J. P. 2015
Breaking of macroscopic centric symmetry in paraelectric phases of ferroelectric materials and implications for flexoelectricity Nature Materials, 14(2), 224-229. Biancoli, A., Fancher, C. M., Jones, J. L., Damjanovic, D. 2015
Thermal transport: Breaking through barriers Nature Materials, 12(5), 382-384. Losego, M. D., & Cahill, D. G. 2013
Nature and density of lattice defects in ball milled nanostructured copper Mechanics of Materials, 67, 59-64. Setman, D., Kerber, M., Bahmanpour, H., Horky, J., Scattergood, R. O., Koch, C. C., & Zehetbauer, M. J. 2013
Influence of the nature of an electric field applied during the solution heat treatment of the Al-Mg-Si-Cu Alloy AA6111 on subsequent natural aging International Journal of Materials Research, 102(11), 1331-1335. Conrad, H., & Wang, J. 2011
Perovskites: Is the ultimate memory in sight? Nature Materials, 5(4), 251-252. Kingon, A. 2006
Lead zirconate titanate thin films directly on copper electrodes for ferroelectric, dielectric and piezoelectric applications Nature Materials, 4(3), 233-237. Kingon, A. I., & Srinivasan, S. 2005
Bismuth-induced embrittlement of copper grain boundaries Nature Materials, 3(9), 621-626. Duscher, G., Chisholm, M. F., Alber, U., & Ruhle, M. 2004

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