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Title Journal Year
Femtosecond optical polarization switching using a cadmium oxide-based perfect absorber Nature Photonics, 11(6), 390-+. Yang, Y. M., Kelley, K., Sachet, E., Campione, S., Luk, T. S., Maria, J. P., Sinclair, M. B., & Brener, I. 2017
Microfibres and macroscopic films from the coordination-driven hierarchical self-assembly of cylindrical micelles Nature Communications, 7. Lunn, D. J., Gould, O. E. C., Whittell, G. R., Armstrong, D. P., Mineart, K. P., Winnik, M. A., Spontak, R. J., Pringle, P. G., & Manners, I. 2016
High-gain infrared-to-visible upconversion light-emitting phototransistors Nature Photonics, 10(2), 129-+. Yu, H., Kim, D., Lee, J., Baek, S., Lee, J., Singh, R., & So, F. 2016
Dysprosium-doped cadmium oxide as a gateway material for mid-infrared plasmonics Nature Materials, 14(4), 414-420. Sachet, E., Shelton, C. T., Harris, J. S., Gaddy, B. E., Irving, D. L., Curtarolo, S., Donovan, B. F., Hopkins, P. E., Sharma, P. A., Sharma, A. L., Ihlefeld, J., Franzen, S., & Maria, J. P. 2015
Entropy-stabilized oxides Nature Communications, 6. Rost, C. M., Sachet, E., Borman, T., Moballegh, A., Dickey, E. C., Hou, D., Jones, J. L., Curtarolo, S., & Maria, J. P. 2015
Large anelasticity and associated energy dissipation in single-crystalline nanowires Nature Nanotechnology, 10(8), 687-691. Cheng, G. M., Miao, C. Y., Qin, Q. Q., Li, J., Xu, F., Haftbaradaran, H., Dickey, E. C., Gao, H. J., & Zhu, Y. 2015
Breaking of macroscopic centric symmetry in paraelectric phases of ferroelectric materials and implications for flexoelectricity Nature Materials, 14(2), 224-229. Biancoli, A., Fancher, C. M., Jones, J. L., Damjanovic, D. 2015
Processing and properties of magnesium containing a dense uniform dispersion of nanoparticles Nature, 528(7583), 539-+. Chen, L. Y., Xu, J. Q., Choi, H., Pozuelo, M., Ma, X. L., Bhowmick, S., Yang, J. M., Mathaudhu, S., & Li, X. C. 2015
Electrochemically tunable thermal conductivity of lithium cobalt oxide Nature Communications, 5. Cho, J., Losego, M. D., Zhang, H. G., Kim, H., Zuo, J. M., Petrov, I., Cahill, D. G., & Braun, P. V. 2014
Investigation of the nature and mechanism of resistive switching in TiO2-x Microscopy and Microanalysis, 20, 1904-1905. Moballegh, A., & Dickey, E.C. 2014
Three-dimensional self-assembled photonic crystals with high temperature stability for thermal emission modification Nature Communications, 4. Arpin, K. A., Losego, M. D., Cloud, A. N., Ning, H. L., Mallek, J., Sergeant, N. P., Zhu, L. X., Yu, Z. F., Kalanyan, B., Parsons, G. N., Girolami, G. S., Abelson, J. R., Fan, S. H., & Braun, P. V. 2013
Thermal transport: Breaking through barriers Nature Materials, 12(5), 382-384. Losego, M. D., & Cahill, D. G. 2013
In-situ atomic-scale observation of irradiation-induced void formation Nature Communications, 4. Xu, W. Z., Zhang, Y. F., Cheng, G. M., Jian, W. W., Millett, P. C., Koch, C. C., Mathaudhu, S. N., & Zhu, Y. T. 2013
Nature and density of lattice defects in ball milled nanostructured copper Mechanics of Materials, 67, 59-64. Setman, D., Kerber, M., Bahmanpour, H., Horky, J., Scattergood, R. O., Koch, C. C., & Zehetbauer, M. J. 2013
Surfactant-enabled epitaxy through control of growth mode with chemical boundary conditions Nature Communications, 2. Paisley, E. A., Losego, M. D., Gaddy, B. E., Tweedie, J. S., Collazo, R., Sitar, Z., Irving, D. L., Maria, J. P. 2011
Influence of the nature of an electric field applied during the solution heat treatment of the Al-Mg-Si-Cu Alloy AA6111 on subsequent natural aging International Journal of Materials Research, 102(11), 1331-1335. Conrad, H., & Wang, J. 2011
Highly aligned carbon nanotube forests coated by superconducting NbC Nature Communications, 2. Zou, G. F., Luo, H. M., Baily, S., Zhang, Y. Y., Haberkorn, N. F., Xiong, J., Bauer, E., McCleskey, T. M., Burrell, A. K., Civale, L., Zhu, Y. T., MacManus-Driscoll, J. L., & Jia, Q. X. 2011
Nanostructural hierarchy increases the strength of aluminium alloys Nature Communications, 1. Liddicoat, P. V., Liao, X. Z., Zhao, Y. H., Zhu, Y. T., Murashkin, M. Y., Lavernia, E. J., Valiev, R. Z., & Ringer, S. P. 2010
Electrochromatic carbon nanotube/polydiacetylene nanocomposite fibres Nature Nanotechnology, 4(11), 738-741. Peng, H. S., Sun, X. M., Cai, F. J., Chen, X. L., Zhu, Y. C., Liao, G. P., Chen, D. Y., Li, Q. W., Lu, Y. F., Zhu, Y. T., & Jia, Q. X. 2009
Perovskites: Is the ultimate memory in sight? Nature Materials, 5(4), 251-252. Kingon, A. 2006
Lead zirconate titanate thin films directly on copper electrodes for ferroelectric, dielectric and piezoelectric applications Nature Materials, 4(3), 233-237. Kingon, A. I., & Srinivasan, S. 2005
Bismuth-induced embrittlement of copper grain boundaries Nature Materials, 3(9), 621-626. Duscher, G., Chisholm, M. F., Alber, U., & Ruhle, M. 2004
Alternative dielectrics to silicon dioxide for memory and logic devices Nature, 406(6799), 1032-1038. Kingon, A. I., Maria, J. P., & Streiffer, S. K. 2000
Device physics - Memories are made of ... Nature, 401(6754), 658-659. Kingon, A. 1999

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