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Title Journal Year
Q-carbon discovery and formation of single-crystal diamond nano- and microneedles and thin films Materials Research Letters, 4(2), 118-126. Narayan, J., & Bhaumik, A. 2016
Microstructure characteristic and electrochemical corrosion behavior of surface nano-crystallization modified carbon steel Journal of Iron and Steel Research International, 23(12), 1281-1289. Cheng, Z. J., Song, D., Jiang, J. Y., Jiang, J. H., Ma, X. L., You, K., & Ma, A. B. 2016
Effects of substrate type and material-substrate bonding on high-temperature behavior of monolayer WS2 Nano Research, 8(8), 2686-2697. Su, L. Q., Yu, Y. F., Cao, L. Y., & Zhang, Y. 2015
In situ growth of ZrO2-Al2O3 nano-crystalline ceramic coatings via micro arc oxidation of aluminum substrates Materials Research Bulletin, 47(6), 1494-1499. Shoaei-Rad, V., Bayati, M. R., Zargar, H. R., Javadpour, J., & Golestani-Fard, F. 2012
In situ derivation of sulfur activated TiO(2) nano porous layers through pulse-micro arc oxidation technology Materials Research Bulletin, 46(10), 1642-1647. Bayati, M. R., Golestani-Fard, F., Moshfegh, A. Z., & Molaei, R. 2011
Nano-regime length scales extracted from the first sharp diffraction peak in non-crystalline SiO2 and related materials: Device applications Nanoscale Research Letters, 5 3) (pp. 550-558). Lucovsky, G., & Phillips, J. C. 2010

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