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Title Journal Year
Suppression of Ge-O and Ge-N bonding at Ge-HfO2 and Ge-TiO2 interfaces by deposition onto plasma-nitrided passivated Ge substrates: Integration issues Ge gate stacks into advanced devices Microelectronics Reliability, 48(3), 364-369. Lee, S., Long, J. P., Lucovsky, G., Whitten, J. L., Seo, H., & Luning, J. 2008
Intrinsic bonding defects in transition metal elemental oxides Microelectronics Reliability, 46(9-11), 1623-1628. Lucovsky, G., Seo, H., Fleming, L. B., Ulrich, M. D., Luning, J., Lysaght, P., & Bersuker, G. 2006
Bond strain and defects at interfaces in high-k gate stacks Microelectronics Reliability, 45(06-May), 770-778. Lucovsky, G., & Phillips, J. C. 2005
Conduction band states of transition metal (TM) high-k gate dielectrics as determined from X-ray absorption spectra Microelectronics Reliability, 45(06-May), 827-830. Lucovsky, G., Hong, J. G., Fulton, C. C., Stoute, N. A., Zou, Y., Nemanich, R. J., Aspnes, D. E., Ade, H., & Schlom, D. G. 2005
Breakdown and reliability of p-MOS devices with stacked RPECVD oxide/nitride gate dielectric under constant voltage stress Microelectronics Reliability, 44(2), 207-212. Lee, Y. M., Wu, Y. D., & Lucovsky, G. 2004
Electronic structure of transition metal/rare earth alternative high-K gate dielectrics: interfacial band alignments and intrinsic defects Microelectronics Reliability, 43(11-Sep), 1417-1426. Lucovsky, G. 2003
Chemical and physical limits on the performance of metal silicate high-k gate dielectrics Microelectronics Reliability, 41(7), 937-945. Lucovsky, G., Rayner, G. B., & Johnson, R. S. 2001
Intrinsic limitations on device performance and reliability from bond-constraint induced transition regions at interfaces of stacked dielectrics Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology. B, Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures, 18(3), 1742-1748. Lucovsky, G., Yang, H., Niimi, H., Keister, J. W., Rowe, J. E., Thorpe, M. F., & Phillips, J. C. 2000
Intrinsic limitations on ultimate device performance and reliability at (i) semiconductor-dielectric interfaces and (ii) internal interfaces in stacked dielectrics Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology. B, Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures, 18(4), 2179-2186. Lucovsky, G., Yang, H., Niimi, H., Thorpe, M. F., & Phillips, J. C. 2000
Time-dependent dielectric wearout technique with temperature effect for reliability test of ultrathin (< 2.0 nm) single layer and dual layer gate oxides Microelectronics Reliability, 40(12), 1987-1995. Wu, Y. D., Xiang, Q., Yang, J. Y. M., Lucovsky, G., & Lin, M. R. 2000
Improvement of gate dielectric reliability for P plus poly Mos devices using remote pecvd top nitride deposition ultra-thin(2.4-6 Nm) gate oxides Microelectronics Reliability, 39(3), 365-372. Wu, Y., & Lucovsky, G. 1999

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