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Title Journal Year
Radiation effects in new materials for nano-devices (invited) Microelectronic Engineering, 88 7) (pp. 1259-1264). Schrimpf, R. D., Fleetwood, D. M., Alles, M. L., Reed, R. A., Lucovsky, G., & Pantelides, S. T. 2011
Remote plasma-deposited GeO(2) with quartz-like Ge- and O-local bonding: Band-edge state and O-vacancy comparisons with SiO(2) Microelectronic Engineering, 88 7) (pp. 1537-1540). Lucovsky, G., Zeller, D., Wu, K., & Whitten, J. L. 2011
O-vacancies in transition metal (TM) oxides: Coordination and local site symmetry of transition and negative ion states in TM(2)O(3) and TMO(2) oxides Microelectronic Engineering, 88 7) (pp. 1471-1474). Lucovsky, G., Zeller, D., & Whitten, J. L. 2011
Microstructure and electrical properties of high power laser thermal annealing on inkjet-printed Ag films Microelectronic Engineering, 87(11), 2230-2233. Yoon, Y. H., Yi, S. M., Yim, J. R., Lee, J. H., Rozgonyi, G., & Joo, Y. C. 2010
Interfacial transition regions at germanium/Hf oxide based dielectric interfaces: Qualitative differences between non-crystalline Hf Si oxynitride and nanocrystalline HfO2 gate stacks Microelectronic Engineering, 86 3) (pp. 224-234). Lucovsky, G., Lee, S., Long, J. P., Seo, H., & Luning, J. 2009
Application of non-linear optical second harmonic generation and X-ray absorption and spectroscopies to defect related properties of Hf silicate and Hf Si oxynitride gate dielectrics Microelectronic Engineering, 86 7-9) (pp. 1654-1657). Gundogdu, K., Lucovsky, G., Chung, K. B., Kim, J. W., & Nordlund, D. 2009
Spectroscopic differentiation between O-atom vacancy and divacancy defects, respectively, in TiO2 and HfO2 by X-ray absorption spectroscopy Microelectronic Engineering, 86 7-9) (pp. 1676-1679). Lucovsky, G., Chung, K. B., Kim, J. W., & Norlund, D. 2009
Metal gate electrodes for devices with high-k gate dielectrics: Zr/ZrO2 and Hf/HfO2 intrinsic interfacial transition regions Microelectronic Engineering, 84(9-10), 2259-2262. Lucovsky, G., & Whitten, J. L. 2007
Length scales for coherent pi-bonding interactions in complex high-k oxide dielectrics and their interfaces Microelectronic Engineering, 84(9-10), 2298-2301. Seo, H., Lucovsky, G., Fleming, L. B., Ulrich, M. D., Luning, J., Koster, G., & Geballe, T. H. 2007
Defect reduction by suppression of pi-bonding coupling in nano- and non-crystalline high-(medium)-kappa gate dielectrics Microelectronic Engineering, 84(9-10), 2350-2353. Lucovsky, G., Seo, H., Lee, S., Fleming, L. B., Ulrich, M. D., & Luning, J. 2007
Intrinsic band edge traps in nano-crystalline HfO2 gate dielectrics Microelectronic Engineering, 80, 110-113. Lucovsky, G., Zhang, Y., Luning, J., Afanase'v, V. V., Stesmans, A., Zollner, S., Triyoso, D., Rogers, B. R., & Whitten, J. L. 2005
Reductions in interface defects, D-it, by post oxidation plasma-assisted nitridation of GaN-SiO2 interfaces in MOS devices Microelectronic Engineering, 72(04-Jan), 236-240. Bae, C., & Lucovsky, G. 2004
A novel approach for determining the effective tunneling mass of electrons in HfO2 and other high-K alternative gate dielectrics for advanced CMOS devices Microelectronic Engineering, 72(04-Jan), 257-262. Hinkle, C. L., Fulton, C., Nemanich, R. J., & Lucovsky, G. 2004
Separate and independent control of interfacial band alignments and dielectric constants in transition metal rare earth complex oxides Microelectronic Engineering, 72(04-Jan), 288-293. Lucovsky, G., Zhang, Y., Whitten, J. L., Schlom, D. G., & Freeouf, J. L. 2004
Chemical phase separation in Zr silicate alloys: a spectroscopic study distinguishing between chemical phase separation with different degree of micro- and nano-crystallinity Microelectronic Engineering, 72(04-Jan), 304-309. Rayner, G. B., Kang, D., Hinkle, C. L., Hong, J. G., & Lucovsky, G. 2004
Nano-scale analysis of precipitates in nitrogen-doped Czochralski silicon Microelectronic Engineering, 66(1-4), 305-313. Rozgonyi, G. A., Karoui, A., Kvit, A., & Duscher, G. 2003
Diffusion and electrical activity of copper in Si1-x-yGexCy alloys Microelectronic Engineering, 60(1-2), 283-288. Hattab, A., Aboelfotoh, M. O., Tremblay, G., Meyer, F., Kolodzey, J., Osten, H. J., & Dubois, C. 2002
A molecular orbital model for the electronic structure of transition metal atoms in silicate and aluminate alloys Microelectronic Engineering, 59(1-4), 329-334. Lucovsky, G., Whitten, J. L., & Zhang, Y. 2001
Fixed charge and interface traps at heterovalent interfaces between Si(100) and non-crystalline Al2O3-Ta2O5 alloys Microelectronic Engineering, 59(1-4), 385-391. Johnson, R. S., Lucovsky, G., & Hong, J. G. 2001
Copper passivation of boron in Si1-xGex alloys and boron reactivation kinetics Microelectronic Engineering, 55(1-4), 323-328. Barthula, M., Aboelfotoh, M. O., & Meyer, F. 2001
The effects of chemical bonding and band offset constraints at Si-dielectric interfaces on the integration of alternative high-K dielectrics into aggressively-scaled CMOS Si devices Microelectronic Engineering, 48(1-4), 291-294. Lucovsky, G., & Phillips, J. C. 1999
Charge redistribution at GaN-Ga2O3 interfaces: A microscopic mechanism for low defect density interfaces in remote plasma processed MOS devices prepared on polar GaN faces Microelectronic Engineering, 48(1-4), 303-306. Therrien, R., Niimi, H., Gehrke, T., Lucovsky, G., & Davis, R. F. 1999
The effects of interfacial suboxide transition regions on direct tunneling in oxide and stacked oxide-nitride gate dielectrics Microelectronic Engineering, 48(1-4), 307-310. Yang, H., Niimi, H., Wu, Y., Lucovsky, G., Keister, J. W., & Rowe, J. E. 1999
Optical characterization of GaAs/AlAs short period superlattices Microelectronic Engineering, 43-4(1998 Aug.), 265-270. Woo, D. H., Han, I. K., Choi, W. J., Lee, S., Kim, H. J., Lee, J. I., Kim, S. H., Kang, K. N., Choi, S. G., Kim, Y. D., Yoo, S. D., Aspnes, D. E., Rhee, S. J., & Woo, J. C. 1998
Minimization of suboxide transition regions at Si-SiO2 interfaces by 900 degrees C rapid thermal annealing Microelectronic Engineering, 36(1-4), 207-210. Lucovsky, G., Banerjee, A., Hinds, B., Claflin, B., Koh, K., & Yang, H. 1997

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