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Title Journal Year
Self-organizing maps for pattern recognition in design of alloys Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 32(10), 1067-1074. Jha, R., Dulikravich, G. S., Chakraborti, N., Fan, M., Schwartz, J., Koch, C. C., Colaco, M. J., Poloni, C., & Egorov, I. N. 2017
Effects of an electric field and current on phase transformations in metals and ceramics Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 19(4), 573-585. Conrad, H., & Jung, K. 2004
The effects of electric currents and fields on deformation in metals, ceramics, and ionic materials: An interpretive survey Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 19(4), 587-610. Antolovich, S. D., & Conrad, H. 2004

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