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Title Journal Year
Thermal stability of nanocrystalline grain size in ternary FE-base alloys Materials Science Forum, 753) (pp. 341-344). Koch, C. C., Scattergood, R. O., Kotan, H., & Saber, M. 2013
Thermodynamic stabilization of grain size in nanocrystalline metals Materials Science Forum, 715-716) (pp. 323-328). Koch, C. C., Scattergood, R. O., VanLeeuwen, B. K., & Darling, K. A. 2012
Effect of annealing temperature on texture and creep anisotropy in Ti3Al2.5V alloy Materials Science Forum, 495-497) (pp. 1645-1650). Utikon-Zurich, Switzerland: Trans Tech Publications. Murty, K. L., Kishore, R., Yan, J., Scattergood, R. O., & Helsel, A. W. 2005
Growth of homoepitaxial films on 4H-SiC(1120) and 8 degrees off-axis 4H-SiC(0001) substrates and their characterization Materials Science Forum, 457-460) (pp. 221-224). Utikon-Zurich, Switzerland: Trans Tech Publications. Bishop, S. M., Preble, E. A., Hallin, C., Henry, A., Storasta, L., Jacobson, H., Wagner, B. P., Reitmeier, Z., Janzen, E., & Davis, R. F. 2004
Effect of c/a-ratio on crystallographic texture and mechanical anisotropy of hexagonal close packed metals Murty, K. L. (2003). Effect of c/a-ratio on crystallographic texture and mechanical anisotropy of hexagonal close packed metals. In Thermec 2003: International Conference on Processing and Manufacturing of Advanced Materials (Materials science forum ; v. 426-432).. (pp. 3575-3580). Uetikon-Zurich, Switzerland: Sci-Tech Pub. Ltd.; Enfield, N.H.: Trans Tech Pub. Ltd. Murty, K. L. 2003
Real-time assessment of over layer removal on 4H-SiC surfaces: Techniques and relevance to contact formation Materials Science Forum, 338(3), 1033-1036. Edwards, N. V., Madsen, L. D., Robbie, K., Powell, G. D., Jarrendahl, K., Cobet, C., Esser, N., Richter, W., & Aspnes, D. E. 2000
Photo-emission electron microscopy (PEEM) of cleaned and etched 6H-SiC(0001) Materials Science Forum, 338(3), 353-356. Hartman, J. D., Naniwae, K., Petrich, C., Ramachandran, V., Feenstra, R. M., Nemanich, R. J., & Davis, R. F. 2000
Dry etching and metallization schemes in a GaN/SiC heterojunction device process Materials Science Forum, 338(3), 1049-1052. Danielsson, E., Zetterling, C. M., Ostling, M., Lee, S. K., Linthicum, K. J., Thomson, D. B., Nam, O. H., & Davis, R. F. 2000
SiC MISFETs with MBE-grown AlN gate dielectric Materials Science Forum, 338(3), 1315-1318. Zetterling, C. M., Ostling, M., Yano, H., Kimoto, T., Matsunami, H., Linthicum, K., & Davis, R. F. 2000
Lateral- and pendeo-epitaxial growth and defect reduction in GaN thin films Materials Science Forum, 338(3), 1471-1476. Davis, R. F., Nam, O. H., Zheleva, T. S., Gehrke, T., Linthicum, K. J., & Rajagopal, P. 2000
Pendeo-epitaxy (TM) process for aluminum gallium nitride thin films on silicon carbide substrates via metalorganic chemical vapor deposition Materials Science Forum, 338(3), 1491-1494. Gehrke, T., Linthicum, K. J., Rajagopal, P., Preble, E. A., Carlson, E. P., Robin, B. M., & Davis, R. F. 2000
Influence of annealing conditions on dopant activation of Si+ and Mg+ implanted GaN Materials Science Forum, 338(3), 1615-1618. Suvkhanov, A., Parikh, N., Usov, I., Hunn, J., Withrow, S., Thomson, D., Gehrke, T., Davis, R. F., & Krasnobaev, L. Y. 2000

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