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Title Journal Year
PbO networks composed of single crystalline nanosheets synthesized by a facile chemical precipitation method Materials Research Bulletin, 51, 356-360. Samberg, J. P., Kajbafvala, A., & Koolivand, A. 2014
Three decades of many-body potentials in materials research MRS Bulletin, 37(5), 469-473. Sinnott, S. B., & Brenner, D. W. 2012
UV and visible photodecomposition of organic pollutants over micro arc oxidized Ag-activated TiO2 nanocrystalline layers Materials Research Bulletin, 47(4), 1080-1088. Salami, N., Bayati, M. R., Golestani-Fard, F., & Zargar, H. R. 2012
In situ growth of ZrO2-Al2O3 nano-crystalline ceramic coatings via micro arc oxidation of aluminum substrates Materials Research Bulletin, 47(6), 1494-1499. Shoaei-Rad, V., Bayati, M. R., Zargar, H. R., Javadpour, J., & Golestani-Fard, F. 2012
In situ derivation of sulfur activated TiO(2) nano porous layers through pulse-micro arc oxidation technology Materials Research Bulletin, 46(10), 1642-1647. Bayati, M. R., Golestani-Fard, F., Moshfegh, A. Z., & Molaei, R. 2011
MAO-preparation of nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite-titania composite films: Formation stages and effect of the growth time Materials Research Bulletin, 46(12), 2422-2426. Golestani-Fard, F., Bayati, M. R., Zargar, H. R., Abbasi, S., & Rezaei, H. R. 2011
Photoluminescence-enhanced biocompatible quantum dots by phospholipid functionalization Materials Research Bulletin, 43(10), 2626-2635. Shi, Y. F., He, P., & Zhu, X. Y. 2008

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