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Title Journal Year
Synthesis, characterization and electrochemical properties of different morphological ZnO anchored on graphene oxide sheets Materials Chemistry and Physics, 204, 315-322. Zhong, L., Samal, M., & Yun, K. 2018
Synthesis and optical characterization of mixed nanostructured aluminum-gallium oxy-hydroxide Materials Research Letters, 5(2), 124-127. Pearce, B. L., Berg, N. G., & Ivanisevic, A. 2017
Growth and characterization of AlxGa1-xN lateral polarity structures Physica Status Solidi. A, Applications and Materials Science, 212(5), 1039-1042. Hoffmann, M. P., Kirste, R., Mita, S., Guo, W., Tweedie, J., Bobea, M., Bryan, I., Bryan, Z., Gerhold, M., Collazo, R., & Sitar, Z. 2015
Growth and characterization of high-quality, relaxed in (y) Ga1-y N templates for optoelectronic applications Journal of Electronic Materials, 44(11), 4161-4166. Van Den Broeck, D. M., Bharrat, D., Liu, Z., El-Masry, N. A., & Bedair, S. M. 2015
Effect of stacking fault energy on mechanical properties and,strengthening mechanisms of brasses processed by cryorolling Materials Characterization, 110, 14-24. Dasharath, S. M., Koch, C. C., & Mula, S. 2015
A special twin relationship or a common Burgers misorientation between alpha plates after beta quenching in Zr alloy? Materials Characterization, 104, 61-65. Chai, L. J., Chen, B. F., Zhou, Z. M., Murty, K. L., Ma, Y. L., & Huang, W. J. 2015
In situ characterization of polycrystalline ferroelectrics using x-ray and neutron diffraction Journal of Materials Research, 30(3), 340-356. Esteves, G., Fancher, C. M., & Jones, J. L. 2015
Characterization of threading dislocations in pvt-grown aln substrates via x-ray topography and ray tracing simulation Journal of Electronic Materials, 43(4), 838-842. Zhou, T. Y., Raghothamachar, B., Wu, F. Z., Dalmau, R., Moody, B., Craft, S., Schlesser, R., Dudley, M., & Sitar, Z. 2014
Deposition and characterization of nanostructured Cu2O thin-film for potential photovoltaic applications Journal of Materials Research, 28(13), 1740-1746. Gupta, N., Singh, R., Wu, F., Narayan, J., McMillen, C., Alapatt, G. F., Poole, K. F., Hwu, S. J., Sulejmanovic, D., Young, M., Teeter, G., & Ullal, H. S. 2013
Defect characterization in Ge/(001)Si epitaxial films grown by reduced-pressure chemical vapor deposition Journal of Electronic Materials, 42(10), 2888-2896. Bharathan, J., Narayan, J., Rozgonyi, G., & Bulman, G. E. 2013
Growth and characterization of InxGa1-xAs/GaAs1-yPy strained-Layer Superlattices with High Values of y (similar to 80%) Journal of Electronic Materials, 42(5), 912-917. Samberg, J. P., Carlin, C. Z., Bradshaw, G. K., Colter, P. C., & Bedair, S. M. 2013
Materials characterization and mechanobiology of the eye Materials Science & Engineering. C, Biomimetic Materials, Sensors and Systems, 33(4), 1867-1875. Hugar, D. L., & Ivanisevic, A. 2013
Biomolecular gradients via semiconductor gradients: Characterization of amino acid adsorption to InxGa1-xN surfaces ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 5(15), 7236-7243. Bain, L. E., Jewett, S. A., Mukund, A. H., Bedair, S. M., Paskova, T. M., & Ivanisevic, A. 2013
Synthesis, characterization and mechanical behaviour of an in situ consolidated nanocrystalline FeCrNi alloy Journal of Materials Science, 47(3), 1562-1566. Gupta, R. K., Darling, K. S., Raman, R. K. S., Ravi, K. R., Koch, C. C., Murty, B. S., & Scattergood, R. O. 2012
Characterization of dislocation arrays in AlN single crystals grown by PVT Physica Status Solidi. A, Applications and Materials Science, 208(7), 1545-1547. Dalmau, R., Moody, B., Xie, J. Q., Collazo, R., & Sitar, Z. 2011
Deformation of precipitate platelets in high strength aluminum alloys under high strain-rate compression TMS 2010 139th Annual Meeting & Exhibition - Supplemental Proceedings, vol 2: Materials Characterization, Computation and Modeling and Energy, ) (pp. 47-52). Elkhodary, K., Lee, W., Cheeseman, B., Sun, L. P., Brenner, D. W., & Zikry, M. A. 2010
Processing and characterization of nanostructured Cu-carbon nanotube composites Materials Science & Engineering. A, Structural Materials: Properties, Microstructure and Processing, 523(1-2), 60-64. Li, H. Q., Misra, A., Zhu, Y. T., Horita, Z., Koch, C. C., & Holesinger, T. G. 2009
Polytype stability and microstructural characterization of silicon carbide epitaxial films grown on [11(2)over bar0]- and [0001]-oriented silicon carbide substrates Journal of Electronic Materials, 36(4), 285-296. Bishop, S. M., Reynolds, C. L., Liliental-Weber, Z., Uprety, Y., Zhu, J., Wang, D., Park, M., Molstad, J. C., Barnhardt, D. E., Shrivastava, A., Sudarshan, T. S., & Davis, R. F. 2007
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy characterization of aluminum nitride surface oxides: Thermal and hydrothermal evolution Journal of Electronic Materials, 36(4), 414-419. Dalmau, R., Collazo, R., Mita, S., & Sitar, Z. 2007
Characterization of stress rupture behavior of cornmercial-purity-Ti via burst testing Materials Science & Engineering. A, Structural Materials: Properties, Microstructure and Processing, 463(1-2), 203-207. Srikant, G., Marple, B., Charit, I., & Murty, K. L. 2007
Emission characterization from nitrogen-doped diamond with respect to energy conversion Diamond and Related Materials, 15(2-3), 217-220. Koeck, F. A. M., & Nemanich, R. J. 2006
Characterization of bulk grown GaN and AlN single crystal materials Journal of Crystal Growth, 287(2), 349-353. Raghothamachar, B., Bai, J., Dudley, M., Dalmau, R., Zhuang, D. J., Herro, Z., Schlesser, R., Sitar, Z., Wang, B. G., Callahan, M., Rakes, K., Konkapaka, P., & Spencer, M. 2006
Characterization of crystallographic properties and defects via X-ray microdiffraction in GaN (0001) layers Physica Status Solidi. A, Applications and Materials Science, 203(1), 142-148. Barabash, R. I., Barabash, O. M., Ice, G. E., Roder, C., Figge, S., & Einfeldt, S. 2006
Growth and characterization of ZnO thin films on GaN epilayers Journal of Electronic Materials, 33(7), 826-832. Smith, T. P., McLean, H. A., Smith, D. J., Miraglia, P. Q., Roskowski, A. M., & Davis, R. F. 2004
Growth of homoepitaxial films on 4H-SiC(1120) and 8 degrees off-axis 4H-SiC(0001) substrates and their characterization Materials Science Forum, 457-460) (pp. 221-224). Utikon-Zurich, Switzerland: Trans Tech Publications. Bishop, S. M., Preble, E. A., Hallin, C., Henry, A., Storasta, L., Jacobson, H., Wagner, B. P., Reitmeier, Z., Janzen, E., & Davis, R. F. 2004

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