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Title Journal Year
Alloying effect on the elastic properties of refractory high-entropy alloys Materials & Design, 114, 243-252. Tian, L. Y., Wang, G. S., Harris, J. S., Irving, D. L., Zhao, J. J., & Vitos, L. 2017
Self-organizing maps for pattern recognition in design of alloys Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 32(10), 1067-1074. Jha, R., Dulikravich, G. S., Chakraborti, N., Fan, M., Schwartz, J., Koch, C. C., Colaco, M. J., Poloni, C., & Egorov, I. N. 2017
Investigation of microcombing parameters in enhancing the properties of carbon nanotube yarns Materials & Design, 134, 181-187. Yu, Y. Y., Zhang, L. W., Yildiz, O., Deng, H. T., Zhao, C. H., Bradford, P. D., Li, J. Y., & Zhu, Y. Y. 2017
Strength and ductility of gradient structured copper obtained by surface mechanical attrition treatment Materials & Design, 105, 89-95. Yin, Z., Yang, X. C., Ma, X. L., Moering, J., Yang, J., Gong, Y. L., Zhu, Y. T., & Zhu, X. K. 2016
In situ X-ray diffraction of lead zirconate titanate piezoMEMS cantilever during actuation Materials & Design, 111, 429-434. Esteves, G., Fancher, C. M., Wallace, M., Johnson-Wilke, R., Wilke, R. H. T., Trolier-McKinstry, S., Polcawichc, R. G., & Jones, J. L. 2016
Nanostructure formation mechanism during in-situ consolidation of copper by room-temperature ball milling Materials & Design, 65, 1083-1090. Khoshkhoo, M. S., Scudino, S., Gemming, T., Thomas, J., Freudenberger, J., Zehetbauer, M., Koch, C. C., & Eckert, J. 2015
Mapping chemical selection pathways for designing multicomponent alloys: An informatics framework for materials design Scientific Reports, 5. Srinivasan, S., Broderick, S. R., Zhang, R. F., Mishra, A., Sinnott, S. B., Saxena, S. K., LeBeau, J. M., & Rajan, K. 2015
Microstructural and textural evolution of commercially pure Zr sheet rolled at room and liquid nitrogen temperatures Materials & Design, 85, 296-308. Chai, L. J., Luan, B. F., Xiao, D. P., Zhang, M., Murty, K. L., & Liu, Q. 2015
Nondestructive monitoring of structural materials using automated ball indentation (ABI) technique Nuclear Engineering and Design, 228(03-Jan), 81-96. Murty, K. L., & Mathew, M. D. 2004

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