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Title Journal Year
Performance of bond coats modified by platinum group metals for applications in thermal barrier coatings Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 26(7), 3191-3203. Tawancy, H. M., Alhems, L. M., & Aboelfotoh, M. O. 2017
Dislocation cross-slip controlled creep at high stresses and transitional creep mechanisms in zircaloy-4 Minerals Metals & Materials Series, ) (pp. 65-77). Kombaiah, B., & Murty, K. L. 2017
Effect of Mo and Bi additions on the microstructure of Zr-Cr-Fe alloy after beta-quenching Minerals Metals & Materials Series, ) (pp. 183-192). Wang, J. M., Luan, B. F., Murty, K. L., & Liu, Q. 2017
Fracture behavior and grain boundary sliding during high-temperature low-stress deformation of AZ31 magnesium alloy Minerals Metals & Materials Series, ) (pp. 279-287). Roodposhti, P. S., & Murty, K. L. 2017
Self-organizing maps for pattern recognition in design of alloys Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 32(10), 1067-1074. Jha, R., Dulikravich, G. S., Chakraborti, N., Fan, M., Schwartz, J., Koch, C. C., Colaco, M. J., Poloni, C., & Egorov, I. N. 2017
Bottlebrush elastomers: a new platform for freestanding electroactuation Advanced Materials, 29(2). Vatankhah-Varnoosfaderani, M., Daniel, W. F. M., Zhushma, A. P., Li, Q. X., Morgan, B. J., Matyjaszewski, K., Armstrong, D. P., Spontak, R. J., Dobrynin, A. V., & Sheiko, S. S. 2017
Designing dielectric elastomers over multiple length scales for 21st century soft materials technologies Rubber Chemistry and Technology, 90(2), 207-224. Armstrong, D. P., & Spontak, R. J. 2017
Fundamental discovery of Q-phases and direct conversion of carbon into diamond and h-BN into c-BN Minerals Metals & Materials Series, ) (pp. 219-228). Narayan, J., & Bhaumik, A. 2017
Novel synthesis and properties of pure and NV-doped nanodiamonds and other nanostructures Materials Research Letters, 5(4), 242-250. Narayan, J., & Bhaumik, A. 2017
Control of structural and electrical transitions of VO2 thin films ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9(28), 24298-24307. Moatti, A., Sachan, R., Prater, J., & Narayan, J. 2017
Corrosion protection of copper using Al2O3, TiO2, ZnO, HfO2, and ZrO2 atomic layer deposition ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9(4), 4192-4201. Daubert, J. S., Hill, G. T., Gotsch, H. N., Gremaud, A. P., Ovental, J. S., Williams, P. S., Oldham, C. J., & Parsons, G. N. 2017
Catalytic "MOF-Cloth" formed via directed supramolecular assembly of UiO-66-NH2 crystals on atomic layer deposition-coated textiles for rapid degradation of chemical warfare agent simulants Chemistry of Materials, 29(11), 4894-4903. Lee, D. T., Zhao, J. J., Peterson, G. W., & Parsons, G. N. 2017
Intrinsic limitations of atomic layer deposition for pseudocapacitive metal oxides in porous electrochemical capacitor electrodes Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 5(25), 13086-13097. Daubert, J. S., Wang, R. C., Ovental, J. S., Barton, H. F., Rajagopalan, R., Augustyn, V., & Parsons, G. N. 2017
Reversible low-temperature metal node distortion during atomic layer deposition of Al2O3 and TiO2 on UiO-66-NH2 metal-organic framework crystal surfaces ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9(26), 22042-22054. Lemaire, P. C., Lee, D. T., Zhao, J. J., & Parsons, G. N. 2017
Thermal selective vapor etching of TiO2: Chemical vapor etching via WF6 and self-limiting atomic layer etching using WF6 and BCl3 Chemistry of Materials, 29(16), 6653-6665. Lemaire, P. C., & Parsons, G. N. 2017
Effects of nanotopography on the in vitro hemocompatibility of nanocrystalline diamond coatings Journal of Biomedical Materials Research. Part A, 105(1), 253-264. Skoog, S. A., Lu, Q. J., Malinauskas, R. A., Sumant, A. V., Zheng, J. W., Goering, P. L., Narayan, R. J., & Casey, B. J. 2017
ZnO wide bandgap semiconductors preparation for optoelectronic devices IOP Conference Series-Materials Science and Engineering, 176). Ramelan, A. H., Wahyuningsih, S., Munawaroh, H., & Narayan, R. 2017
ZnO wide bandgap semiconductors preparation for optoelectronic devices IOP Conference Series-Materials Science and Engineering, 176). Ramelan, A. H., Wahyuningsih, S., Munawaroh, H., & Narayan, R. 2017
Controlled synthesis of polyethylenimine coated gold nanoparticles: Application in glutathione sensing and nucleotide delivery Journal of Biomedical Materials Research. Part B, Applied Biomaterials, 105(5), 1191-1199. Pandey, P. C., Pandey, G., & Narayan, R. J. 2017
Progress in wear resistant materials for total hip arthroplasty Coatings, 7(7). Khanna, R., Ong, J. L., Oral, E., & Narayan, R. J. 2017
Two-photon polymerization for biological applications Materials Today, 20(6), 314-322. Nguyen, A. K., & Narayan, R. J. 2017
Domain imaging in ferroelectric thin films via channeling-contrast backscattered electron microscopy Journal of Materials Science, 52(2), 1071-1081. Ihlefeld, J. F., Michael, J. R., McKenzie, B. B., Scrymgeour, D. A., Maria, J. P., Paisley, E. A., & Kitahara, A. R. 2017
High mobility yttrium doped cadmium oxide thin films APL Materials, 5(7). Kelley, K. P., Sachet, E., Shelton, C. T., & Maria, J. P. 2017
Ibuprofen loaded pla nanofibrous scaffolds increase proliferation of human skin cells in vitro and promote healing of full thickness incision wounds in vivo Journal of Biomedical Materials Research. Part B, Applied Biomaterials, 105(2), 327-339. Mohiti-Asli, M., Saha, S., Murphy, S. V., Gracz, H., Pourdeyhimi, B., Atala, A., & Loboa, E. G. 2017
Alloying effect on the elastic properties of refractory high-entropy alloys Materials & Design, 114, 243-252. Tian, L. Y., Wang, G. S., Harris, J. S., Irving, D. L., Zhao, J. J., & Vitos, L. 2017

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