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Title Journal Year
Molecular dynamics study of polystyrene-b-poly(ethylene oxide) asymmetric diblock copolymer systems Langmuir, 33(36), 8856-8868. Dobies, M., Makrocka-Rydzyk, M., Jenczykt, J., Jarek, M., Spontak, R. J., & Jurga, S. 2017
Wicking enhancement in three-dimensional hierarchical nanostructures Langmuir, 32(32), 8029-8033. Wang, Z. T., Zhao, J. J., Bagal, A., Dandley, E. C., Oldham, C. J., Fang, T. G., Parsons, G. N., & Chang, C. H. 2016
Photoluminescence mechanism and photocatalytic activity of organic-inorganic hybrid materials formed by sequential vapor infiltration Langmuir, 32(17), 4289-4296. Akyildiz, H. I., Stano, K. L., Roberts, A. T., Everitt, H. O., & Jur, J. S. 2016
Thermal stability of gold nanoparticles embedded within metal oxide frameworks fabricated by hybrid modifications onto sacrificial textile templates Langmuir, 31(3), 1135-1141. Padbury, R. P., Halbur, J. C., Krommenhoek, P. J., Tracy, J. B., & Jur, J. S. 2015
In situ conductance analysis of zinc oxide nucleation and coalescence during atomic layer deposition on metal oxides and polymers Langmuir, 31(26), 7274-7282. Sweet, W. J., & Parsons, G. N. 2015
Atmospheric pressure atomic layer deposition of Al2O3 using trimethyl aluminum and ozone Langmuir, 30(13), 3741-3748. Mousa, M. B. M., Oldham, C. J., & Parsons, G. N. 2014
Evolution of homopolymer thin-film instability on surface-anchored diblock copolymers varying in composition Langmuir, 30(39), 11689-11695. Cai, X. J., Genzer, J., & Spontak, R. J. 2014
In situ chemical functionalization of gallium nitride with phosphonic acid derivatives during etching Langmuir, 30(8), 2038-2046. Wilkins, S. J., Greenough, M., Arellano, C., Paskova, T., & Ivanisevic, A. 2014
Surface characterization of Gallium nitride modified with peptides before and after exposure to ionizing radiation in solution Langmuir, 30(51), 15477-15485. Berg, N. G., Nolan, M. W., Paskova, T., & Ivanisevic, A. 2014
Temperature-dependent infiltration of polymers during sequential exposures to trimethylaluminum Langmuir, 30(30), 9228-9238. Padbury, R. P., & Jur, J. S. 2014
Aqueous stability of Ga- and N-polar gallium nitride Langmuir, 29(1), 216-220. Foster, C. M., Collazo, R., Sitar, Z., & Ivanisevic, A. 2013
Cell behavior on gallium nitride surfaces: Peptide affinity attachment versus covalent functionalization Langmuir, 29(26), 8377-8384. Foster, C. M., Collazo, R., Sitar, Z., & Ivanisevic, A. 2013
Oligomer orientation in vapor-molecular-layer-deposited alkyl-aromatic polyamide films Langmuir, 28(28), 10464-10470. Peng, Q., Efimenko, K., Genzer, J., & Parsons, G. N. 2012
Mesoporous metal oxides by vapor infiltration and atomic layer deposition on ordered surfactant polymer films Langmuir, 28(32), 11915-11922. Gong, B., Kim, D. H., & Parsons, G. N. 2012
Temperature and exposure dependence of hybrid organic-inorganic layer formation by sequential vapor infiltration into polymer fibers Langmuir, 28(44), 15697-15704. Akyildiz, H. I., Padbury, R. P., Parsons, G. N., & Jur, J. S. 2012
Formation and grain analysis of spin-cast magnetic nanoparticle monolayers Langmuir, 27(8), 5040-5046. Johnston-Peck, A. C., Wang, J. W., & Tracy, J. B. 2011
Characterizing the molecular order of phosphonic acid self-assembled monolayers on indium tin oxide surfaces Langmuir, 27(19), 11883-11888. Losego, M. D., Guske, J. T., Efremenko, A., Maria, J. P., & Franzen, S. 2011
Atomic layer deposition and abrupt wetting transitions on nonwoven polypropylene and woven cotton fabrics Langmuir, 26(4), 2550-2558. Hyde, G. K., Scarel, G., Spagnola, J. C., Peng, Q., Lee, K., Gong, B., Roberts, K. G., Roth, K. M., Hanson, C. A., Devine, C. K., Stewart, S. M., Hojo, D., Na, J. S., Jur, J. S., & Parsons, G. N. 2010
Temperature-dependent subsurface growth during atomic layer deposition on polypropylene and cellulose fibers Langmuir, 26(11), 8239-8244. Jur, J. S., Spagnola, J. C., Lee, K., Gong, B., Peng, Q., & Parsons, G. N. 2010
Effect of oligonucleotide length on the assembly of DNA materials: Molecular dynamics simulations of layer-by-layer DNA films Langmuir, 26(22), 17339-17347. Singh, A., Snyder, S., Lee, L., Johnston, A. P. R., Caruso, F., & Yingling, Y. G. 2010
Interfacial and solvent effects govern the formation of tris(dibenzylidenacetone)dipalladium(0) microstructures Langmuir, 24(15), 7803-7809. Leonard, D. N., Cerruti, M., Duscher, G., & Franzen, S. 2008
In situ Auger electron spectroscopy study of atomic layer deposition: Growth initiation and interface formation reactions during ruthenium ALD on Si-H, SiO2, and HfO2 surfaces Langmuir, 23(11), 6106-6112. Park, K. J., Terry, D. B., Stewart, S. M., & Parsons, G. N. 2007
Atomic layer deposition of Conformal inorganic nanoscale coatings on three-dimensional natural fiber systems: Effect of surface topology on film growth characteristics Langmuir, 23(19), 9844-9849. Hyde, G. K., Park, K. J., Stewart, S. M., Hinestroza, J. P., & Parsons, G. N. 2007
Multiscale analysis of liquid lubrication trends from industrial machines to micro-electrical-mechanical systems Langmuir, 23(18), 9253-9257. Brenner, D. W., Irving, D. L., Kingon, A. I., & Krim, J. 2007
STM, QCM, and the windshield wiper effect: A joint theoretical-experimental study of adsorbate mobility and lubrication at high sliding rates Langmuir, 22(23), 9606-9609. Abdelmaksoud, M., Lee, S. M., Padgett, C. W., Irving, D. L., Brenner, D. W., & Krim, J. 2006

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