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Title Journal Year
Influence of the support on the thermal stability of surface-bound [WCp(CO)3]-: implications for catalyst design Journal of Molecular Catalysis, 74(1-3), 305-316. Otten, M. M., & Lamb, H. H. 1992
Synthesis and reactivity of anionic tetraosmium clusters on highly dehydroxylated magnesium oxide Journal of Molecular Catalysis, 56(1-3), 36-49. Lamb, H. H., Hasselbring, L. C., Dybowski, C., & Gates, B. C. 1989
Supported metals and supported organometallics Journal of Molecular Catalysis, 52(1), 1-18. Gates, B. C., & Lamb, H. H. 1989
Molecular organoosmium chemistry and catalysis on the basic magnesium oxide surface Journal of the American Chemical Society, 108(1), 81-89. Lamb, H. H., & Gates, B. C. 1986

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