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Title Journal Year
Strain-balanced InGaAsP/GaInP multiple quantum well solar cells with a tunable bandgap (1.65-1.82 eV) IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 6(4), 997-1003. Sayed, I. E. H., Carlin, C. Z., Hagar, B. G., Colter, P. C., & Bedair, S. M. 2016
GaInP/GaAs tandem solar cells with InGaAs/GaAsP multiple quantum wells IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 4(2), 614-619. Bradshaw, G. K., Samberg, J. P., Carlin, C. Z., Colter, P. C., Edmondson, K. M., Hong, W., Fetzer, C., Karam, N., & Bedair, S. M. 2014
Carrier transport and improved collection in thin-barrier InGaAs/GaAsP strained quantum well solar cells IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 3(1), 278-283. Bradshaw, G. K., Carlin, C. Z., Samberg, J. P., El-Masry, N. A., Colter, P. C., & Bedair, S. M. 2013

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