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Title Journal Year
High-kappa gate dielectrics with ultra-low leakage current for sub-45 nm CMOS Electronics Letters, 43(21), 1130-1132. Venkateshan, A., Singh, R., Poole, K. F., Harriss, J., Senter, H., Teague, R., & Narayan, J. 2007
Electronic high temperature characteristics of AlN Electronics Letters, 43(10), 592-594. Neuburger, M., Aleksov, A., Schlesser, R., Kohn, E., & Sitar, Z. 2007
Influence of Zn doping profiles on excitation dependence of photoluminescence intensity in InGaAsP heterostructures Electronics Letters, 41(18), 1008-1010. Young, D. K., Reynolds, C. L., Swarninathan, V., & Walters, F. S. 2005
Reliability degradation of ultra-thin oxynitride and Al2O3 gate dielectric films owing to heavy-ion irradiation Electronics Letters, 38(4), 157-158. Choi, B. K., Fleetwood, D. M., Massengill, L. W., Schrimpf, R. D., Galloway, K. F., Shaneyfelt, M. R., Meisenheimer, T. L., Dodd, P. E., Schwank, J. R., Lee, Y. M., Johnson, R. S., & Lucovsky, G. 2002

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