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Title Journal Year
Microneedle-based self-powered glucose sensor Electrochemistry Communications, 47, 58-62. Valdes-Ramirez, G., Li, Y. C., Kim, J., Jia, W. Z., Bandodkar, A. J., Nunez-Flores, R., Miller, P. R., Wu, S. Y., Narayan, R., Windmiller, J. R., Polsky, R., & Wang, J. 2014
On the behaviour of Au plasmonic nanoparticles during hydrogen evolution at p-Si Electrochemistry Communications, 12(10), 1298-1301. Lublow, M., Skorupska, K., Zoladek, S., Kulesza, P. J., Vo-Dinh, T., & Lewerenz, H. J. 2010
Efficient solar energy conversion with electrochemically conditioned CuInS2 thin film absorber layers Electrochemistry Communications, 8(1), 165-169. Berenguier, B., & Lewerenz, H. J. 2006
On the surface chemistry of silicon under reducing conditions: An SRPES investigation Electrochemistry Communications, 7(10), 1077-1081. Skorupska, K., Lublow, M., Kanis, M., Jungblut, H., & Lewerenz, H. J. 2005

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