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Title Journal Year
Parameterization of the dielectric functions of InGaSb alloys Current Applied Physics, 14(5), 768-771. Kim, T. J., Byun, J. S., Hwang, S. Y., Park, H. G., Kang, Y. R., Park, J. C., Kim, Y. D., & Aspnes, D. E. 2014
Dielectric functions and interband transitions of InxAl1 (-) P-x alloys Current Applied Physics, 14(9), 1273-1276. Kim, T. J., Hwang, S. Y., Byun, J. S., Aspnes, D. E., Lee, E. H., Song, J. D., Liang, C. T., Chang, Y. C., Park, H. G., Choi, J., Kim, J. Y., Kang, Y. R., Park, J. C., & Kim, Y. D. 2014
Microstructural evolution of thin film vanadium oxide prepared by pulsed-direct current magnetron sputtering Journal of Applied Physics, 112(9). Motyka, M. A., Gauntt, B. D., Horn, M. W., Dickey, E. C., & Podraza, N. J. 2012
Enhanced leakage current properties of Ni-doped Ba0.6Sr0.4TiO3 thin films driven by modified band edge state Journal of Applied Physics, 107(2). Seo, H., Kim, Y. B., Lucovsky, G., Kim, I. D., Chung, K. B., Kobayashi, H., & Choi, D. K. 2010
Excitation current dependent cathodoluminescence study of InGaN/GaN quantum wells grown on m-plane and c-plane GaN substrates Journal of Applied Physics, 106(11). Lai, K. Y., Paskova, T., Wheeler, V. D., Grenko, J. A., Johnson, M. A. L., Barlage, D. W., Udwary, K., Preble, E. A., & Evans, K. R. 2009
Capacitance transient and current-/capacitance-voltage study of direct silicon bonded (110)/(100) interface Applied Physics Letters, 92(26). Yu, X. G., Lu, J. G., & Rozgonyi, G. 2008
Analysis of V defects in GaN-based light emitting diodes by scanning transmission electron microscopy and electron beam induced current Applied Physics Letters, 92(24). Progl, C. L., Parish, C. M., Vitarelli, J. P., & Russell, P. E. 2008
Current transport characteristics across shallow hybrid-orientation silicon bonded interfaces Applied Physics Letters, 90(11). Wagener, M. C., Zhang, R. H., Rozgonyi, G. A., Seacrist, M., & Ries, M. 2007
On the use of Monte Carlo modeling in the mathematical analysis of scanning electron microscopy-electron beam induced current data Applied Physics Letters, 89(19). Parish, C. M., & Russell, P. E. 2006
Current-voltage characteristics of n/n lateral polarity junctions in GaN Applied Physics Letters, 89(5). Aleksov, A., Collazo, R., Mita, S., Schlesser, R., & Sitar, Z. 2006
Current-voltage and imaging of TiSi2 islands on Si(001) surfaces using conductive-tip atomic force microscopy Journal of Applied Physics, 92(6), 3326-3331. Oh, J., & Nemanich, R. J. 2002
Electrical characteristics of TaSixNy/SO2/Si structures by Fowler-Nordheim current analysis Applied Physics Letters, 80(8), 1403-1405. Suh, Y. S., Heuss, G. P., & Misra, V. 2002
Relaxation and leakage current characteristics of Pb1- xLax(ZryTi1-y)(1-x/4)O3 thin films with various Ir-based top electrodes Journal of Applied Physics, 88(11), 6690-6695. Yoon, S. G., Kingon, A. I., & Kim, S. H. 2000
A unified chemical bonding model for defect generation in a-SiH: Photo-induced defects in photovoltaic devices and current-induced defects in TFTs Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. Part 1, Regular Papers, Short Notes & Review Papers, 37(3B), 1082-1090. Yang, H., & Lucovsky, G. 1998
Influence of a surface film on conducting particles on the electrorheological response with alternating current fields Journal of Applied Physics, 81(12), 8057-8063. Wu, C. W., & Conrad, H. 1997

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