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Title Journal Year
Electronically addressable nanomechanical switching of i-motif DNA origami assembled on basal plane HOPG Chemical Communications, 51(74), 14111-14114. Campos, R., Zhang, S., Majikes, J. M., Ferraz, L. C. C., LaBean, T. H., Dong, M. D., & Ferapontova, E. E. 2015
Photochemical synthesis of size-tailored hexagonal ZnS quantum dots Chemical Communications, 51(15), 3087-3090. Gonzalez, C. M., Wu, W. C., Tracy, J. B., Martin, B. 2015
Sulfur gradient-distributed CNF composite: a self-inhibiting cathode for binder-free lithium-sulfur batteries Chemical Communications, 50(71), 10277-10280. Fu, K., Li, Y. P., Dirican, M., Chen, C., Lu, Y., Zhu, J. D., Li, Y., Cao, L. Y., Bradford, P. D., & Zhang, X. W. 2014
Surfactant-enabled epitaxy through control of growth mode with chemical boundary conditions Nature Communications, 2. Paisley, E. A., Losego, M. D., Gaddy, B. E., Tweedie, J. S., Collazo, R., Sitar, Z., Irving, D. L., Maria, J. P. 2011
Extended chemical crosslinking of a thermoplastic polyimide: Macroscopic and microscopic property development Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 29(17), 1461-1466. Aberg, C. M., Ozcam, A. E., Majikes, J. M., Seyam, M. A., & Spontak, R. J. 2008
A structurally simple supported metal catalyst prepared from decaosmium carbonyl clusters on magnesium oxide Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Communications, (19), 1296-1298. Lamb, H. H., Wolfer, M., & Gates, B. C. 1990
Molecular osmium and ruthenium carbonyl clusters on conventionally prepared carbon monoxide hydrogenation catalysts Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Communications, 11, 821-823. Lamb, H. H., Krause, T. R., & Gates, B. C. 1986

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