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Title Journal Year
Catalytic deoxygenation of octanoic acid over silica- and carbon-supported palladium: Support effects and reaction pathways Catalysis Today, 269, 93-102. Sun, K. Y., Schulz, T. C., Thompson, S. T., & Lamb, H. H. 2016
A novel Pd/MgAlOx catalyst for NOx storage-reduction Catalysis Today, 114(1), 64-71. Silletti, B. A., Adams, R. T., Sigmon, S. M., Nikolopoulos, A., Spivey, J. J., & Lamb, H. H. 2006
Support and particle size effects on direct NO decomposition over platinum Catalysis Today, 96(02-Jan), 20-Nov. Wang, X. Q., Sigmon, S. A., Spivey, J. J., & Lamb, H. H. 2004
Nucleation and growth of Pd clusters in mordenite Catalysis Today, 39(4), 317-328. Reifsnyder, S. N., Otten, M. M., & Lamb, H. H. 1998
Engineering catalyst surfaces with metal carbonyl clusters Catalysis Today, 18(1), 3-19. Lamb, H. H. . 1993

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