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Title Journal Year
Polyethylenimine-mediated synthetic insertion of gold nanoparticles into mesoporous silica nanoparticles for drug loading and biocatalysis Biointerphases, 12(1). Pandey, P. C., Pandey, G., & Narayan, R. J. 2017
Inkjet deposition of itraconazole onto poly(glycolic acid) microneedle arrays Biointerphases, 11(1). Boehm, R. D., Jaipan, P., Skoog, S. A., Stafslien, S., VanderWal, L., & Narayan, R. J. 2016
Binding of single stranded nucleic acids to cationic ligand functionalized gold nanoparticles Biointerphases, 11(4). Nash, J. A., Tucker, T. L., Therriault, W., & Yingling, Y. G. 2016
Polyglycolic acid microneedles modified with inkjet-deposited antifungal coatings Biointerphases, 10(1). Boehm, R. D., Daniels, J., Stafslien, S., Nasir, A., Lefebvre, J., & Narayan, R. J. 2015
Two-photon polymerization of 3-D zirconium oxide hybrid scaffolds for long-term stem cell growth Biointerphases, 9(2). Skoog, S. A., Nguyen, A. K., Kumar, G., Zheng, J. W., Goering, P. L., Koroleva, A., Chichkov, B. N., & Narayan, R. J. 2014
Immobilization of mycotoxins on modified nanodiamond substrates Biointerphases, 6(4), 210-217. Gibson, N. M., Luo, T. J. M., Brenner, D. W., & Shenderova, O. 2011

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