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Title Journal Year
Docking of antibodies into the cavities of DNA origami structures Angewandte Chemie [International Edition in English], 56(46), 14423-14427. Ouyang, X. Y., De Stefano, M., Krissanaprasit, A., Kodal, A. L. B., Rosen, C. B., Liu, T. Q., Helmig, S., Fan, C. H., & Gothelf, K. V. 2017
Ultra-fast degradation of chemical warfare agents using MOF-nanofiber kebabs Angewandte Chemie [International Edition in English], 55(42), 13224-13228. Zhao, J. J., Lee, D. T., Yaga, R. W., Hall, M. G., Barton, H. F., Woodward, I. R., Oldham, C. J., Walls, H. J., Peterson, G. W., & Parsons, G. N. 2016
Redox-active organometallic vesicles: Aqueous self-assembly of a diblock copolymer with a hydrophilic polyferrocenylsilane polyelectrolyte block Angewandte Chemie [International Edition in English], 43(10), 1260-1264. Power-Billard, K. N., Spontak, R. J., & Manners, I. 2004
Organometallic chemistry on surfaces. Reactivity of metal carbonyl compounds on metal oxides Angewandte Chemie [International Edition in English], 100(9), 1162-1180. Lamb, H. H., Gates, B. C., & Knoezinger, H. 1988

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