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Title Journal Year
Effect of graphene oxidation rate on adsorption of poly-thymine single stranded DNA Advanced Materials Interfaces, 4(8). Kim, H. S., Farmer, B. L., & Yingling, Y. G. 2017
Wafer-scale selective-area deposition of nanoscale metal oxide features using vapor saturation into patterned poly(methyl methacrylate) templates Advanced Materials Interfaces, 3(2). Dandley, E. C., Lemaire, P. C., Zhu, Z. W., Yoon, A., Sheet, L., & Parsons, G. N. 2016
Silk fibroin-substrate interactions at heterogeneous nanocomposite interfaces Advanced Functional Materials, 26(35), 6380-6392. Grant, A. M., Kim, H. S., Dupnock, T. L., Hu, K., Yingling, Y. G., & Tsukruk, V. V. 2016
Interface effect on efficiency loss in organic light emitting diodes with solution processed emitting layers Advanced Materials Interfaces, 3(19). Ho, S. H., Chen, Y., Liu, S. Y., Peng, C., Zhao, D. W., & So, F. 2016
Photodegradation of metal oxide interlayers in polymer solar cells Advanced Materials Interfaces, 3(23). Constantinou, I., Shewmon, N. T., Lo, C. K., Deininger, J. J., Reynolds, J. R., & So, F. 2016
Combined experimental and computational methods reveal the evolution of buried interfaces during synthesis of ferroelectric thin films Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2(10). Jones, J. L., LeBeau, J. M., Nikkel, J., Oni, A. A., Dycus, J. H., Cozzan, C., Lin, F. Y., Chernatynskiy, A., Nino, J. C., Sinnott, S. B., Mhin, S., Brennecka, G. L., & Ihlefeld, J. 2015
Highly adsorptive, MOF-functionalized nonwoven fiber mats for hazardous gas capture enabled by atomic layer deposition Advanced Materials Interfaces, 1(4). Zhao, J. J., Losego, M. D., Lemaire, P. C., Williams, P. S., Gong, B., Atanasov, S. E., Blevins, T. M., Oldham, C. J., Walls, H. J., Shepherd, S. D., Browe, M. A., Peterson, G. W., & Parsons, G. N. 2014
Modeling and characterization of atomically sharp "perfect" Ge/SiO2 interfaces Materials Science & Engineering. B, Solid-state Materials for Advanced Technology, 114-15(Dec 15 2004), 156-161. Windl, W., Liang, T., Lopatin, S., & Duscher, G. 2004

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