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Title Journal Year
Discovery of Q-phases and direct conversion of carbon into diamond and h-BN into c-BN Advanced Materials & Processes, 174(3), 24-28. Narayan, J., Bhaumik, A., & Narayan, R. 2016
Fabricating copper components with electron beam melting Advanced Materials & Processes, 172(7), 20-24. Frigola, P., Harrysson, O. A., Horn, T. J., West, H. A., Aman, R. L., Rigsbee, J. M., Ramirez, D. A., Murr, L. E., Medina, F., Wicker, R. B., & Rodriguez, E. 2014
Selective-melt sintering brings speed and efficiency to creating high-density ceramics Advanced Materials & Processes, 171(8), 29-33. Narayan, J. 2013
Stereolithography in medical device fabrication Advanced Materials & Processes, 171(3), 32-34. Skoog, S. A., & Narayan, R. J. 2013
Thermodynamics and kinetic processes of polymer blends and block copolymers in the presence of pressurized carbon dioxide Advanced Materials, 20(5), 879-898. Walker, T. A., Frankowski, D. J., & Spontak, R. J. 2008
The crucial role of nanomaterials innovation Advanced Materials & Processes, 166(1), 64-64. Narayan, R. 2008
Recent advances in prostheses Advanced Materials & Processes, 164(4), 64. Narayan, R. 2006

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