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Title Journal Year
Declamped Piezoelectric Coefficients in patterned 70/30 lead magnesium niobate-lead titanate thin films Advanced Functional Materials, 27(9). Keech, R., Ye, L. H., Bosse, J. L., Esteves, G., Guerrier, J., Jones, J. L., Kuroda, M. A., Huey, B. D., & Trolier-McKinstry, S. 2017
Flexible inorganic ferroelectric thin films for nonvolatile memory devices Advanced Functional Materials, 27(21). Yu, H., Chung, C. C., Shewmon, N., Ho, S., Carpenter, J. H., Larrabee, R., Sun, T. L., Jones, J. L., Ade, H., O'Connor, B. T., & So, F. 2017
Silk fibroin-substrate interactions at heterogeneous nanocomposite interfaces Advanced Functional Materials, 26(35), 6380-6392. Grant, A. M., Kim, H. S., Dupnock, T. L., Hu, K., Yingling, Y. G., & Tsukruk, V. V. 2016
Physical mechanisms behind the field-cycling behavior of HfO2-based ferroelectric capacitors Advanced Functional Materials, 26(25), 4601-4612. Pesic, M., Fengler, F. P. G., Larcher, L., Padovani, A., Schenk, T., Grimley, E. D., Sang, X. H., LeBeau, J. M., Slesazeck, S., Schroeder, U., & Mikolajick, T. 2016
Unleashing strain induced ferroelectricity in complex oxide thin films via precise stoichiometry control Advanced Functional Materials, 26(40), 7271-7279. Haislmaier, R. C., Grimley, E. D., Biegalski, M. D., LeBeau, J. M., Trolier-McKinstry, S., Gopalan, V., & Engel-Herbert, R. 2016
Engineering substrate interactions for high luminescence efficiency of transition-metal dichalcogenide monolayers Advanced Functional Materials, 26(26), 4733-4739. Yu, Y. F., Yu, Y. L., Xu, C., Cai, Y. Q., Su, L. Q., Zhang, Y., Zhang, Y. W., Gundogdu, K., & Cao, L. Y. 2016
Efficiency roll-off in blue emitting phosphorescent organic light emitting diodes with carbazole host materials Advanced Functional Materials, 26(9), 1463-1469. Xiang, C. Y., Fu, X., Wei, W., Liu, R., Zhang, Y., Balema, V., Nelson, B., & So, F. 2016
Ordered 3d thin-shell nanolattice materials with near-unity refractive indices Advanced Functional Materials, 25(42), 6644-6649. Zhang, X. A., Bagal, A., Dandley, E. C., Zhao, J. J., Oldham, C. J., Wu, B. I., Parsons, G. N., & Chang, C. H. 2015
Domain wall displacement is the origin of superior permittivity and piezoelectricity in BaTiO 3 at intermediate grain sizes Advanced Functional Materials, 24(7), 885-896. Ghosh, D., Sakata, A., Carter, J., Thomas, P. A., Han, H., Nino, J. C., & Jones, J. L. 2014
Polymer nanocomposites containing carbon nanofibers as soft printable sensors exhibiting strain-reversible piezoresistivity Advanced Functional Materials, 23(44), 5536-5542. Toprakci, H. A. K., Kalanadhabhatla, S. K., Spontak, R. J., & Ghosh, T. K. 2013
Prestrain-free dielectric elastomers based on acrylic thermoplastic elastomer gels: A morphological and (electro)mechanical property study Advanced Functional Materials, 22(10), 2100-2113. Vargantwar, P. H., Ozcam, A. E., Ghosh, T. K., & Spontak, R. J. 2012
Chemically homogeneous complex oxide thin films via improved substrate metallization Advanced Functional Materials, 22(11), 2295-2302. Shelton, C. T., Kotula, P. G., Brennecka, G. L., Lam, P. G., Meyer, K. E., Maria, J. P., Gibbons, B. J., & Ihlefeld, J. F. 2012
Wavy ribbons of carbon nanotubes for stretchable conductors Advanced Functional Materials, 22(6), 1279-1283. Xu, F., Wang, X., Zhu, Y. T., & Zhu, Y. 2012
Paper, and synthetic fibers: Conductivity analysis and functional chemical sensing using "all-fiber" capacitors Advanced Functional Materials, 21(11), 1993-2002. Jur, J. S., Sweet, W. J., Oldham, C. J., & Parsons, G. N. 2011
Enhanced dielectric and crystalline properties in ferroelectric barium titanate thin films Advanced Functional Materials, 17(7), 1199-1203. Ihlefeld, J. F., Borland, W. J., & Maria, J. P. 2007
Highly CO2-permeable and -selective membranes derived from crossfinked poly(ethylene glycol) and its nanocomposites Advanced Functional Materials, 14(7), 699-707. Patel, N. P., Miller, A. C., & Spontak, R. J. 2004
Nanocomposite electrolytes with fumed silica and hectorite clay networks: Passive versus active fillers Advanced Functional Materials, 13(9), 710-717. Walls, H. J., Riley, M. W., Singhal, R. R., Spontak, R. J., Fedkiw, P. S., & Khan, S. A. 2003

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