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Title Journal Year
High-quality TiN/AlN thin film heterostructures on c-sapphire Acta Materialia, 145, 134-141. Moatti, A., & Narayan, J. 2018
Patterned nano-domains in PMN-PT single crystals Acta Materialia, 143, 166-173. Chang, W. Y., Chung, C. C., Yuan, Z. Y., Chang, C. H., Tian, J., Viehland, D., Li, J. F., Jones, J. L., & Jiang, X. N. 2018
On the origin and behavior of irradiation-induced c-component dislocation loops in magnesium Acta Materialia, 131, 457-466. Xu, W., Zhang, Y., Cheng, G., Mathaudhu, S. N., Scattergood, R. O., Koch, C. C., Lavernia, E. J., & Zhu, Y. T. 2017
Impact of intrinsic point defect concentration on thermal transport in titanium dioxide Acta Materialia, 127, 491-497. Donovan, B. F., Long, D. M., Moballegh, A., Creange, N., Dickey, E. C., & Hopkins, P. E. 2017
Effect of strain rate on the mechanical properties of a gum metal with various microstructures Acta Materialia, 132, 193-208. Liu, S. L., Pan, Z. L., Zhao, Y. H., Topping, T., Valiev, R. Z., Liao, X. Z., Lavernia, E. J., Zhu, Y. T., & Wei, Q. 2017
External-field-induced crystal structure and domain texture in (1-x) Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3-xK(0.5)Bi(0.5)TiO(3) piezoceramics Acta Materialia, 127, 319-331. Otonicar, M., Park, J., Logar, M., Esteves, G., Jones, J. L., & Jancar, B. 2017
Electric-field-induced structural changes in multilayer piezoelectric actuators during electrical and mechanical loading Acta Materialia, 132, 96-105. Esteves, G., Fancher, C. M., Rohrig, S., Maier, G. A., Jones, J. L., & Deluca, M. 2017
Extrinsic contributions to piezoelectric Rayleigh behavior in morphotropic PbTiO3 - SiScO3 Acta Materialia, 137, 45-53. Tutuncu, G., Forrester, J. S., Chen, J., & Jones, J. L. 2017
Grain orientation effects on the ionic conductivity of neodymia doped ceria thin films Acta Materialia, 133, 81-89. Baure, G., Zhou, H. H., Chung, C. C., Stozhkova, M. A., Jones, J. L., & Nino, J. C. 2017
The contribution of 180 degrees domain wall motion to dielectric properties quantified from in situ X-ray diffraction Acta Materialia, 126, 36-43. Fancher, C. M., Brewer, S., Chung, C. C., Rohrig, S., Rojac, T., Esteves, G., Deluca, M., Bassiri-Gharb, N., & Jones, J. L. 2017
Epitaxial growth of rutile TiO2 thin films by oxidation of TiN/Si{100} heterostructure Acta Materialia, 103, 502-511. Moatti, A., Bayati, R., & Narayan, J. 2016
Structural, magnetic and magnetotransport properties of bi-epitaxial La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 (110) thin films integrated on Si (001) Acta Materialia, 106, 40-47. Punugupati, S., Kumar, R., Nori, S., Hunte, F., & Narayan, J. 2016
Mechanical properties of copper/bronze laminates: Role of interfaces Acta Materialia, 116, 43-52. Ma, X. L., Huang, C. X., Moering, J., Ruppert, M., Hoppel, H. W., Goken, M., Narayan, J., & Zhu, Y. T. 2016
Defect chemistry and resistance degradation in Fe-doped SrTiO3 single crystal Acta Materialia, 108, 229-240. Wang, J. J., Huang, H. B., Bayer, T. J. M., Moballegh, A., Cao, Y., Klein, A., Dickey, E. C., Irving, D. L., Randall, C. A., & Chen, L. Q. 2016
The relation of electrical conductivity profiles and modulus data using the example of STO:Fe single crystals: A path to improve the model of resistance degradation Acta Materialia, 117, 252-261. Bayer, T. J. M., Wang, J. J., Carter, J. J., Moballegh, A., Baker, J., Irving, D. L., Dickey, E. C., Chen, L. Q., & Randall, C. A. 2016
Contribution of van der Waals forces to the plasticity of magnesium Acta Materialia, 107, 127-132. Ding, Z. G., Liu, W., Li, S., Zhang, D. L., Zhao, Y. H., Lavernia, E. J., & Zhu, Y. T. 2016
Microstructural evolution and phase transformation in twinning induced plasticity steel induced by high-pressure torsion Acta Materialia, 109, 300-313. An, X. H., Lin, Q. Y., Sha, G., Huang, M. X., Ringer, S. P., Zhu, Y. T., & Liao, X. Z. 2016
Combining gradient structure and TRIP effect to produce austenite stainless steel with high strength and ductility Acta Materialia, 112, 337-346. Wu, X. L., Yang, M. X., Yuan, F. P., Chen, L., & Zhu, Y. T. 2016
Electric-field-induced point defect redistribution in single-crystal TiO2-x and effects on electrical transport Acta Materialia, 86, 352-360. Moballegh, A., & Dickey, E.C. 2015
Effect of Ag on interfacial segregation in Mg-Gd-Y-(Ag)-Zr alloy Acta Materialia, 95, 20-29. Zhou, H., Cheng, G. M., Ma, X. L., Xu, W. Z., Mathaudhu, S. N., Wang, Q. D., & Zhu, Y. T. 2015
Concurrent microstructural evolution of ferrite and austenite in a duplex stainless steel processed by high-pressure torsion Acta Materialia, 63, 16-29. Cao, Y., Wang, Y. B., An, X. H., Liao, X. Z., Kawasaki, M., Ringer, S. P., Langdon, T. G., & Zhu, Y. T. 2014
Effect of predeformation on microstructural evolution of a Zr alloy during 550-700 degrees C aging after beta quenching Acta Materialia, 61(8), 3099-3109. Chai, L. J., Luan, B. F., Murty, K. L., & Liu, Q. 2013
Ion-irradiation-induced ferromagnetism in undoped ZnO thin films Acta Materialia, 61(8), 2763-2768. Mal, S., Nori, S., Narayan, J., Prater, J. T., & Avasthi, D. K. 2013
In situ X-ray microdiffraction studies inside individual VO2 microcrystals Acta Materialia, 61(8), 2751-2762. Budai, J. D., Tselev, A., Tischler, J. Z., Strelcov, E., Kolmakov, A., Liu, W. J., Gupta, A., & Narayan, J. 2013
Misfit accommodation in oxide thin film heterostructures Acta Materialia, 61(8), 2725-2733. Pennycook, S. J., Zhou, H., Chisholm, M. F., Borisevich, A. Y., Varela, M., Gazquez, J., Pennycook, T. J., & Narayan, J. 2013

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