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Title Journal Year
High mobility yttrium doped cadmium oxide thin films APL Materials, 5(7). Kelley, K. P., Sachet, E., Shelton, C. T., & Maria, J. P. 2017
Research update: Direct conversion of h-BN into pure c-BN at ambient temperatures and pressures in air APL Materials, 4(2). Narayan, J., & Bhaumik, A. 2016
Comparison of thermoelectric properties of nanostructured Mg2Si, FeSi2, SiGe, and nanocomposites of SiGe-Mg2Si, SiGe-FeSi2 APL Materials, 4(10). Nozariasbmarz, A., Roy, P., Zamanipour, Z., Dycus, J. H., Cabral, M. J., LeBeau, J. M., Krasinski, J. S., & Vashaee, D. 2016
Research update: Direct conversion of amorphous carbon into diamond at ambient pressures and temperatures in air APL Materials, 3(10). Narayan, J., & Bhaumik, A. 2015
Research Updates: Epitaxial strain relaxation and associated interfacial reconstructions: The driving force for creating new structures with integrated functionality APL Materials, 1(5). Zhu, Y. Y., Chen, A. P., Zhou, H. H., Zhang, W. R., Narayan, J., MacManus-Driscoll, J. L., Jia, Q. X., & Wang, H. Y. 2013

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