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Title Journal Year
Exchange bias in Ba0.4Sr0.6TiO3/La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 heterostructures AIP Advances, 7(5). Singamaneni, S. R., Prater, J. T., & Narayan, J. 2017
Effect of Si doping on the thermal conductivity of bulk GaN at elevated temperatures - theory and experiment AIP Advances, 7(9). Paskov, P. P., Slomski, M., Leach, J. H., Muth, J. F., & Paskova, T. 2017
HgNO3 sensitivity of AlGaN/GaN field effect transistors functionalized with phytochelating peptides AIP Advances, 6(6). Rohrbaugh, N., Hernandez-Balderrama, L., Kaess, F., Kirste, R., Collazo, R., & Ivanisevic, A. 2016
Long-term stability assessment of AlGaN/GaN field effect transistors modified with peptides: Device characteristics vs. surface properties AIP Advances, 5(9). Rohrbaugh, N., Bryan, I., Bryan, Z., Collazo, R., & Ivanisevic, A. 2015
Self-assembly dynamics for the transition of a globular aggregate to a fibril network of lysozyme proteins via a coarse-grained Monte Carlo simulation AIP Advances, 5(9). Pandey, R. B., Farmer, B. L., & Gerstman, B. S. 2015
Magnetic defects in chemically converted graphene nanoribbons: Electron spin resonance investigation AIP Advances, 4(4). Singamaneni, S. R., Stesmans, A., van Tol, J., Kosynkin, D. V., & Tour, J. M. 2014
Crystallographic changes in lead zirconate titanate due to neutron irradiation AIP Advances, 4(11). Henriques, A., Graham, J. T., Landsberger, S., Ihlefeld, J. F., Brennecka, G. L., Brown, D. W., Forrester, J. S., & Jones, J. L. 2014
Deviation from time-composition equivalence in polymer solutions with selective cosolvents AIP Advances, 1(4). Krishnan, A. S., & Spontak, R. J. 2011

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