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Titan microscope

Caption: Probe corrected FEI Titan 60-300 kV at NCSU.

As scaling continues to be a major drive of research, future developments rely upon electron microscopy to probe the nature of material properties. In the nano-regime, one must explore local atomic structure, chemical composition, and bonding with ultimate spatial resolution. Now that aberration corrected microscopes have blown past the Ångström in resolution, a new level of clarity is available for exploring next-generation materials.

Research Interests

  • Application of aberration-corrected electron microscopy
  • Understanding material properties from the atomic structure
  • Reconstruction at the interface between dissimilar materials
  • Quantitative atomic resolution microscopy imaging and diffraction
  • Three dimensional imaging of materials
  • Image processing and analysis techniques

Group News >>

  • July 28, 2016 Houston Dycus has won a best poster award at Microscopy and Microanalysis 2016. View the paper here.
  • May 3, 2016 Houston Dycus's paper, "Accurate Nanoscale Crystallography in Real-Space Using Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy" has been awarded the Microscopy & Microanalysis Best Paper of 2015 in the Materials Applications category. View the paper here.
  • March 25, 2016 Matt Cabral has been awarded a Distinguished Scholar Award from the Microanalysis Society for his work on relaxor ferroelectric materials. He will be presenting his work at M&M 2016 in Columbus, OH.

Recent Publications >>

  1. A. A. Oni, S. R. Broderick, K. Rajan, and J. M. LeBeauAtom site preference and $\gamma$′/$\gamma$ mismatch strain in NiAlCoTi superalloysIntermetallics73:72--78  (2016)
  2. S. R. Spurgeon, Y. Du, T. Droubay, A. Devaraj, X. Sang, P. Longo, P. Yan, P. G. Kotula, V. Shutthanandan, M. E. Bowden, J. M. LeBeau, C. Wang, P. V. Sushko, and S. A. ChambersCompeting Pathways for Nucleation of the Double Perovskite Structure in the Epitaxial Synthesis of La 2 MnNiO 6Chemistry of Materials:6b00829  (2016)
  3. W. Xu, J. H. Dycus, X. Sang, and J. M. LeBeauA numerical model for multiple detector energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy in the transmission electron microscope.Ultramicroscopy164:51-61  (2016)
  4. D. Pham, J. H. Dycus, J. M. LeBeau, V. R. Manga, K. Muralidharan, and E. L. CorralProcessing Low-Oxide ZrB 2 Ceramics with High Strength Using Boron Carbide and Spark Plasma SinteringJournal of the American Ceramic Society8:1--8  (2016)
  5. M. Pesic, F. P. G. Fengler, L. Larcher, A. Padovani, T. Schenk, E. D. Grimley, X. Sang, J. M. LeBeau, S. Slesazeck, U. Schroeder, and T. MikolajickPhysical Mechanisms behind the Field-Cycling Behavior of HfO 2 -Based Ferroelectric CapacitorsAdvanced Functional Materials:  (2016)
  6. X. Sang and J. M. LeBeauCharacterizing the response of a scintillator-based detector to single electronsUltramicroscopy161:3--9  (2016)
  7. A. J. Zaddach, C. Niu, A. A. Oni, M. Fan, J. M. LeBeau, D. L. Irving, and C. C. KochStructure and magnetic properties of a multi-principal element Ni–Fe–Cr–Co–Zn–Mn alloyIntermetallics68:107--112  (2016)