Yang Liu

Research Assistant Professor, TEM Facility Manager

Email: yliu78@ncsu.edu

Phone: 919-513-0751

Location: 1048 EB I

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Liu's interests include understanding the structure-property-processing relationships of functional materials, such as electrical, thermal, mechanical, optical, and electrochemical properties, by developing advanced in situ electron microscopy techniques as well as device fabrication and characterization.

Yang Liu received his PhD from Peking University in 2010, after which he was a postdoctoral associate at the Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (CINT) at Sandia National Laboratories from 2010-2014. Liu joined the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at NC State in March of 2014. In addition, he is the transmission electron microscopy (TEM) Facility Manager in Analytical Instrumentation Facility (AIF) at NC State, a university and regional resource for materials characterization.  

Currently, there exists a gap between the structures and physical properties studies of nano- or micro-structured functional materials, i.e. studying the structures without knowing the properties, and vice versa. The purpose of Liu’s research is to deeply understand their relationships by conducting simultaneous structures characterizations and properties measurements, through developing advanced in situ TEM and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) techniques. It can provide detailed directions/insights on how to synthesize materials and design novel architectures to realize powerful applications. Google Scholar Profile   Homepage


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