Tania Paskova

Research Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Email: t_paskova@ncsu.edu

Phone: 919-513-3124

Location: 2092 EB I

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Paskova's interests include Crystal growth and characterization of advanced electronic and optoelectronic materials and devices; relation of material properties and device performance; development of experimental procedures for non-ambient characterization and study of surface and phase transformations.

Dr. Paskova joined the NCSU Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2011 as a Research Professor. She had several years of industrial experience as a Chief Scientist with Kyma Technologies. Before moving to the USA in 2007 she had hold positions as Assistant, Visiting and Associate Professor at University of Sofia (Bulgaria), Linkoping University (Sweden) and University of Bremen (Germany).  

Paskova's research has focused on development of crystal growth of III-V semiconductor compounds and alloys (primarily of GaN by HVPE for substrate applications, InGaN, AlGaN, AlGaAs by MOCVD); on understanding the growth mechanisms and their relation with the defect formation and evolution; on revealing the effect of doping on the emission mechanisms, the strain effects on emission and vibrational properties of highly mismatched systems. Another part of Dr. Paskova’s works concentrates on advancing cathodoluminescence as a diagnostic tool for quantitative analysis of semiconductor structures, applied to a wide variety of materials (bulk semiconductors, thin epitaxial layers, hererostructures, quantum dot structures), as well as on structural characterization by high resolution x-ray diffraction, including nonambient measurements. The most recent focus of her research is the area of nitride nanostructures with nonpolar and semipolar surfaces, attracting huge interest and attention for exploring the full potential of this type of materials for advanced and novel device applications.

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