Tzy-Jiun Luo

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Email: mark_luo@ncsu.edu

Phone: 919-513-8003

Location: 3028C EB I

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Luo's interests include Synthesis of bio-inorganic hybrid materials and bio-inspired materials through self-assembled processes, cell growth, sol-gel processing, and soft-lithography. Exploration of new concept for bio-fuel/bio-solar cell applications based on electrical and optical properties of novel materials.

Mark Luo is a materials chemist whose research interests are in bio-functional materials and bio-inspired materials, with emphasis on energy conversion and biomedical applications.

Since Nature has unique way to produce functional materials, understanding the processes will help to design biomimetic systems. One approach is to combine self-assembled processes with cellular activities to form functional materials. His research involves synthesis of biomaterials, surface engineering, characterization of electrical/optical properties of materials, fabrication of bio-semiconductor hybrid devices, and developing microfluidic reaction chambers for biomedical research.

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