Zlatko Sitar


Kobe Steel Distinguished Professor

Email: sitar@ncsu.edu

Phone: 919-515-8637

Location: 217 Research I

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Sitar's interests include Thin film and bulk crystal growth of wide bandgap III-nitride semiconductors; heteroepitaxial growth of diamond thin films; silicon on diamond technology; field emission from carbon materials.

Heteroepitaxial thin film growth and characterization of wide bandgap semiconductors is the focal point of Sitar's research. The materials of primary interest are diamond, gallium nitride and aluminum nitride. High-end diamond applications require perfect single crystalline films, and economic viability dictates the growth on inexpensive, commercially available substrates. Since diamond forms at extreme conditions that aren't easily achievable in experimental environments, his group opts for specially developed nonequilibrium deposition processes. The main challenges they face are the understanding of the kinetics of reactant species at the growth surface, the nucleation processes, and the kinetics of diamond thin film growth itself. Microwave plasma and hot filament enhanced chemical vapor deposition are used, as well as low pressure combustion, coupled with various in- and ex-situ characterization techniques. Their research effort in III-nitrides is aimed toward the demonstration of a blue solid state injection laser structure. They also work on the development of closely lattice matched and homoepitaxial substrates via a novel bulk crystal growth technique and on the heteroepitaxial growth of nitride thin films. Doping of the grown material and study of contacts are vital parts of this research.



North Carolina State University